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For much of our written history pretenders have driven an ethos of "Kill the heathen", "Have many children to honour god" and "brand the newborn a non-heathen". One wonders, would so many pretend the supernatural is fact if the thought-police(religious types) had not slaughtered so many for 'wrong thinking'?
On the evidence of that very much slaughter "it hurts no one" is something of a nonsense.

Millions of children are damaged daily, so clearly no god is intervening, so the god you want a relationship with is the non-interventionist god of Deism/Pandeism - a type of god that does not have personal relationships/offer heavenly rewards; an entity which is thereby wholly irrelevant to living.

About the experiences you can't explain. The most you can legitimately say is "you" can't explain them. Unless you had a full scientific team monitoring all aspects of the occurrence as it happened, you cannot claim the event as inexplicable.
It is solely your presumption that there exists a "nature" that is beyond nature, that which you called supernatural, which leads you promote the events you experienced where supernatural.

I generally try not to make the claim "there is no god", rather, I simply put the point that those who claim a god exists have not substantiated the claim. The current status quo is there is no known god. Additionally, as there has never been any substantiation for this claim, there have been many arguments made for its existence, most including deductions made from the various texts & philosophical discourse, which detail the properties of a "personal god". The existence of any one of these properties is negligibly probable. The god depicted and deduced describes an impossible being, never shown to be even possible.
Have a read of "The Impossible six" (TMQ Core tab above)

I'm angry about dishonesty, that children are forced to accept what is not known to be more than fable as fact. I am angry at those who feel compelled to pretend encourage others to pretend so they don't feel so stupid about what they pretend. And, make no mistake, where there is no valid evidence of the truth of claim, one may only pretend it is true. I'm angry about the damage "simply believing" does in society. See "System of abuse, The Cost of Faith" (TMQ Core tab above).

While I have not suffered some terrible abuse at the hands of a religionist, as you have speculated, as a child, my trust in human honestly was affected by all the imposed pretences. Spiritual belief is an expectation, which translates, for a child to imposition.

It's quite rude to diminish the honest investigations I've done over the past 40years, mostly detailed here, to "stubbornness".
I do not think you are trying to save my "soul", largely because I've no valid reason to think I have such a thing! Why would a person(me) who does not pretend to have a soul, think someone was trying to save it? It's analogous to worrying someone was trying to steel a car I've no reason think I own!

I have some investigations of "the possibilities of the cosmos" within this blog. See "Conscious of a Collision, Conscious of Consciousness, A Superposition of Quantum Causality, God and the Laws of Physics, The Most Probable Thing in the Omniverse, Of Something And Nothing,
An Eon Of Equivocal Length, My Own Special Creation" - all available on the TMQ Core tab above.

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As far as I'm concerned, any being worthy of being worshiped would neither require nor endorse it so, in good conscience, could not compel or command it. Any book, therefore, which promotes any form of worship, cannot have been inspired by such a being. And, as any being of such a conscience would surely have intervened to prevent its production & continuing worship, we can assume the being either does not exist or is not of good conscience.

Glad you agree about honour & respect. I apply the same "must earn it" criteria to notions.
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I see no reason valid whatever to accept there is any "higher power" there is only fable to support the notion.
Any entity which never gets involved with us is of no relevance to us.
I see no valid reason whatever for accepting a cosmic intelligence is even possible, let alone actual.
There is no record of prayer "working" - all outcomes hoped for via prayer were always possible outcomes on a scale of probability so whatever outcome actually occurred, however impossible, it was a natural occurrence.
One need not be "obtuse" one needs only to not pretend there's more going on.
Religion will last only as long as people are indoctrinated to think human consciousness can exist without the biology in which it emerges.

My thoughts on spirituality in a word - fakery - more detailed examinations here

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On your 1st, agreed, this post is partly to highlight that.
On your 2nd, I wrote this some years ago, read if you wanna. :)
On your 3rd. The short answer is Jesus. The longer, Christians think all religions are as equally as neutered as the reformations left them.

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Audacity is right - I think we would all be a lot better off if we stayed out of each others business unless invited, and then only offer opinion.
On the "comfort of self-righteousness" - I think that's a failure of imagination on their part, however, few of us can accurately predict our feelings and actions in a moment of crisis, so we are often forced, usually by a conversation, to formulate a composite of 'the right thing', a sound-bite we then call 'my position'.
One day maybe we'll grow out of it but until then...
Curses to our fallibility.

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Indeed they do, mate.

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I agree entirely.

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Cheers, Wavy.
Post updated to accommodate the new information.

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There are many here in Wales who feel the same.

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You have clearly not thought about that claim very much!
I have - I'll help you out - have a read of "On The First Day God Created Evolution" -