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Sr. Fly - There is plenty of debate on this issue concerning who is currently in charge at this moment of US forces committed to the Libya campaign. Obama is very aware of the tensions with regards to foreign command of US troops, since foreign control of US military personnel was considered an unprecedented atrocity committed by the Clinton presidency in our involvement in Bosnia. That was the first time US troops were ever committed to be led under foreign command.

So when Obama says (3/2/11 press conference) "I authorized the United States military to work with our international partners ..." - and hence offers no reassurance that US troops WILL NOT serve under foreign command, he is spitting in the eye of the US military community that is so sensitive to the issue. He's doing the same thing that Clinton did.

Contrast with Bush in his pulling together an international coalition of forces to invade Iraq - he took several opportunities to specifically and clearly state that US troops and the command structure will lead the war effort, but no military personnel will ever serve under the command of anyone but the American Commander in Chief. Obama is not addressing the issue, because he is not committed to the age old and highly valued principal that US forces will never serve under foreign command. He is keeping his options open, with no regard to the troops and their families, but for his own aggrandizement among the ruling elites in Europe.

The issue has been exhaustively covered and debated since Clinton's Bosnia, and there is plenty of material for your education available on-line. You can find your own references.

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Obama is doing the same thing that Clinton (the greater) did, and that is satisfy the egos of his liberal friends in Europe, and perform his version of an American Homoliberal B.J. by handing over control of OUR TROOPS to foreign command.

Unforgivable, perverted, satanic. We should not be sharing democracy with the empty headed effeminates that put this snake, Obama in office.

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And what, pray tell, do you expect from this corrupt, egomaniacle, homofilthy Liberal Democratic Party Pig, OBama?

We are two Americas. We need to use our process of democracy to free ourselves from this corrupt, insane Obamapig culture.

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My assertions is that a 14 year boy should be held to standards closer to that of an adult man than a child are not barbaric, they are in keeping with the way my brothers and I were raised, the way we raised our children, and the community of people that we identify with. That may be foreign to the soft effeminate homoliberal society that is so prevalent in this region, but I don't identify with that sector of society, and neither does the entire culture that I identify with. Furthermore, it is your way of thinking that is new to America, not mine.

Open your eyes, and open your mind! Crawl out of your weak, whiney, homobigoted cave and be welcomed into a society of people who are capable, independent, strong, God loving, and content!

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Thanks Todd. Now I have something to look forward to - except that I don't get the impression that she is interested in guys her age and older.

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Thanks for the propaganda links. Really, Bob, this has been debated over and over. You are taking a one sided view (as did I). The causes are complex. The reality is that people purchased homes that they could not afford, with loan products that had increasing payments that they could not afford, that were based on income to payment ratios that were unrealistic, and that Freddy and Fanny legitimized by purchasing the contracts.

There are many dangers in this world. If you ignore obvious risks, fail to make intelligent decisions, then you will probably fail. Whether it is your house sliding down the hill, defaulting on a risky mortgage, getting AIDS - all are a result of a lack of basic, low level, unsophisticated common sense. You can blame it on everyone else, curse the banks, curse the government, curse the Church, scream like girls, vote for democrats, act like an idiot, but it is your own fault.

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You have a good point, however my point is that if you buy a home that is situated close to obvious danger (critical slope, low lying geography, bottom of cliff, etc) then there is no end on who to blame when something goes wrong. If you avoid putting yourself in that kind of danger, then blaming never becomes necessary.

There are accurate words for those who put themselves in this kind of obvious danger "fool" or "incompetent" to name a few, and I appreciate your desire to soften the blow by using words like "naive" or "little-guy", but using the more harsh words may change the dynamic to drive home the reality to others that they are ultimately responsible for their own misfortune.

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you can take potassium iodide, or you can take elemental iodine (if you can stand the taste). Your thyroid will use the iodine in elemental or ionic form.

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You'd better sell right away, Lockes - if any radioactive iodine makes it to our shores, it will not be radioactive any longer. The half life of most of these "fall out" elements is very short.

Hysteria is right. We all had a chapter on nuclear chemistry and nuclear physics in our high school chemistry and physics classes, plus the Internet has plenty of KNOWLEGABLE scientists trying to explain what is really going on, but everyone in the region is screaming like adolescent girls.

Land of the free and home of the brave? This is BS. This is O-BS.

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Oh Please! Everyone else is to blame except the idiot who bought the house?

The reason that these folks are facing a total loss is because they didn't recognize the very obvious danger - that the house was very close to a critical slope. Look at the other examples of total losses - a house that is in the lowest part of a neighborhood gets flooded by rain water or sewage, the house next to the wooded greenbelt gets slammed with falling trees, etc.

Most local building departments have information on flood prone areas, critical slopes, etc, and every citizen has access to that information. If they don't, then all they really have to do is to look at the lay of the land, the surrounding stuff taller than their house, and imagine the possible hazards. These folks purchased the home without making the kind of basic assessment necessary for a safe place to live.

Furthermore, these are the same kind of folks that caused the mortgage crisis. Irresponsible, head in the clouds, non thinking.

It is not the responsibility for the government to protect idiots. The blaming of everyone else and the raising up of idiots to the high an lofty status of "victim" may get homoliberal democratic party candidates a good paying job with a lifetime retirement by successfully attracting the "imbecile vote", but the ultimate responsibility for a successful life falls on the individual citizen.