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FIRST sugar ,POTUS means president of the united states.
detest, i am also a Catholic. also i'm pro-life. for me it has always been simple, life either begins at conception or it's a matter of whether the baby is wanted or not.
most women don't know when they concieve. that said, they don't know whether they are 12 wks or 10 wks or 16 wks pregnant. when you extrapolate by the same logic, they don't know whether they are 24-25, or 26-29 wks pregnant.
MOST IMPORTANT, these people are willing to abort their babies for conveiniance sake.
let's us not mistake what goes on in a late term abortion. THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE FOR THE MOTHER'S HEALTH. the baby is either born through c-section or vaginally. no difference to a live birth.
the main difference is the way the staff treat the baby. A WANTED BABY BORN AT 27 WKS, the parents hang over the bassinet and pray baby will be fine. AN UNWANTED BABY BORN AT 27 WKS with late term abortion, may survive delivery but not survive.

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i'm not positive but, i'm pretty sure that no one can force a physician to perform any procedure or treatment against their best medical judgement.
the only way the feds can get snippy is possibly, if the doc gets federal moniesi.e. medicare/medicaid.
i think it's safe to say that no doc is ever going to have to perform any abortion any time if he is morally opposed.

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it's incidents like this that make me, as a prolife person since my young adulthood, review the way i feel about many things. first, there is never any reason for murder done to ANY human. this man deserves our pity and our prayers, not our summary judgement.
i guess, the part of the whole pro-life movement i need to ponder is the death penalty. i know it's not murder when it has been adjudicated by a proper civil court, however, the subject has always bothered me. i guess the only answer is going to come from prayer and God's enlightenment.

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the chicago political machine at it's finest. whatever did we expect from them? and guess what? our very own potus has sprung from the forehead of the god that is that machine.

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my dear Lord, does that man not see that he needs to address these situations strongly? i suspect that the deafening silence that we hear from the white house is indicative of his VAST inexperience in world issues. HE JUST HASN'T FIGURED OUT HOW TO EFFECT THE "CHANGE" ON ALL THOSE NASTY DICTATORS(FRIENDS) YET. have mercy when he figures it out.

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WHERE'S THE CRANKY, PEOPLE? RE SOTOMAYOR, this judge is someone who has already decided that legislation is set from the bench. AND WORSE YET, SHE'S YOUNG. we'll be dealing with her descions for years. sometime it seems to me that the potus is trying to be outrageous and do what ever he can to create chaos. PITY, THIS MAN HAD PROMISE.
oh by the way, her views are directly opposed to the CONSTITUTION.

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nancy good post! with all those questions comes one additional question "WHO'S GOING TO PAY FOR IT?" in countries where there is socialized medicine the tax rates are astronomical. i guess that's the answer. they will tax us and we won't have any say.

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if airport security had to see me naked, they'd all poke out their eyes and run screaming. i wouldn't blame them. all i really want to do is travel with my small service animal and not have to go through security every she has to pee. i understand the need but how about a little profiling?

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nancy, we have lots in common and differences. that being said, family guns are REAL SPECIAL to folks here in texas. my mom has my daddy's guns, rifles and shotguns, his mom and dad's guns and my nose would be put right out of joint did she decide to bury them with daddy.
i think those of us who own guns, are pretty sure that we don't think the govt needs to know who owns guns and who doesn't. a case in point is new orleans after the flood. police went in and took guns away from law abiding citizens, wrong on sooo many levels. THE FEDS DON'T NEED TO KNOW WHETHER I OWN GUNS OR NOT. NOT THEIR BIDNESS BY THE CONSTITUTION.