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No kiddnapping charges...he let the woman and her children that were in the 4Runner go. He only took the vehicle.

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I know both the fishing guys, I could totally see them trying to catch the man with their fishing lines!!!! Glad they were able to get the coat sleeve to the fella and have him hold on, so he could be saved.

Way to go, Justin and Sam!

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This story brings my heart to tears. May God be with this family through the trying times and may Vinesa rest in peace. :(

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Read the story of the 5-year-old boy fearing for his mother's life, as a mother to a 5-year-old myself, I could only imagine what that must have been like for the little man. So scary.

I can honestly say, I am so so so happy not to have to ride public transportation. The few times I do, to go down to Christmas Tree Lighting or Rose Festival, I'm scared EVERY TIME!

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ha ha ha you're so funny! But I am not Sherri Hiner, just a pleased customer of Mattress World. And you must be new to ID, because I've been commenting here for quite some time now, Pvpbw can probably back that up?!?!?

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Bought a mattress just this year from here, her oldest son actually sold it to me!!!! I thought the customer service here was amazing, I'm completely satisfied with my purchase and I would send my friends and family to buy from here. I went in actually with another mattress store in mind and told them about it, they met my price of the other store. They also told me I would have to go to the warehouse to pick up the mattress and when I told them I couldn't really afford the gas to go there in my U-Haul, they even reduced the amount of the mattress by the gas price it would have taken to get there! I have nothing but amazing, good things to say about Sherri and her company. Good luck to them and the future of their business!!!! If only I had a need for another mattress, I would go back and support their business more :)

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Now if that isn't justice, I don't know what is.

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They should be able to at least get her for child abandonment...she ADMITTED to LEAVING Sky in the car while she 'went for gas'!?!?!

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I'm right there with you, about your 4-year-old. I, too, have a 4 almost 5-year old son and I know good and well if you asked him what happened that day in the car he would be able to recall most all details, especially whether his sibling was even in the car with them that fateful day.

Also, I remember asking the same questions about Terri Horman. Why is she not behind bars or been arrested and questioned, they had evidence she hired someone to kill Kaine. Sometimes things don't make sense....