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there was one unveiled on the whiterock on 5th may of 3 gunmen firing shots over bobby sands coffin, they were masked and armed. There are murals all over the falls, ballymurphy, whiterock etc of armed men and women, some masked some unmasked. the one in east belfast should not have been done in this day and age, but where are the press, tv etc covering the murals celebrating the acts of the ira? once again it is the loyalist community which is bad mouthed and attacked in the press, while republicans try to hijack historical figures such as frederick douglas and mandella etc etc trying to whitewash their sectarian war and paint it as one for freedom in the same vein as ferderick douglas' etc struggle for freedom.

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Reading this article one can't help but appreciate the tough job the HET teams have. Yes an invaluable job may be achieved by giving the families of some of the victims answers to the questions they may have. However, the credibility of the HET teams and as a result the desire of the British government in supporting them will always be found wanting due to the results they achieve by way of prosecution. It was only a few weeks ago I was reading of the 72 prosecutions 71 were from the loyalist side and 1 from the republican side. Yet in this article the HET team are now up to year 1976. Where is the equity when it comes to prosecution. Have any of the sinn fein mla's, many of whom were on the army council or at least active in their organisation even been questioned? Or is there an agenda to whitewash the atrocities of the ira out of our history and to ignore the many terrible sectarian murders carried out by them.

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I agree with many of the earlier views, lazy sensationalist journalism. It seems that most of the negative comments on Gibson were from Man Utd fans who wanted him to leave the club, some of the other papers carried some of these comments. This is not a Northern Ireland fans issue. There is an issue that Fifa treat Northern Ireland differently than every other country when it comes to player selection. If a player wishes to play for the Republic team then of course they are free to choose to do so just don't expect the IFA to pay for all their training and early development, it's fifa who are the TWITterS

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Why does commemorating major historical events from the past have to be triumphalist? Is it not acceptable that a large number of people in our community wish to celebrate/commemorate events from the past or present without the desire to offend others?
It is my understanding that the UVF are not the only people interested in commemorating these events. Political parties, cultural groups and community groups from both sides of the border will be encouraged to take part in commemoration events. What is the problem with this?
And if, as it says in the article, that the UVF are now being encouraged from the top of their organisation to tell the police if they know of drug dealers etc in their communities, is this not positive? As much as I dislike having to do a bit of whataboutery here...when sinn fein encourage people to talk to the police they are praised from America, to Britain and Ireland, when loyalists do it as part of a move to a normal society they are viewed with suspicion in the press. I am trying to grasp this but find it a difficult one to understand...