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It just comes down to style and how you take care of your body to be honest. Im glad you brought up Kane.....that guy has been a frickin Iron Man for the company! But he also has a toned down style and dealt with less injuries as compared to the Undertaker (who has always had questionable hips and constant nagging injuries) and Kurt Angle (who practically came into the company with a surgicay repaired neck). Triple H has been lucky surprised his knees arent shot from doing the Pedigree for 22 years.

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If youre constantly writing articles to battle with your audience.....youre doing something wrong as a journalist/writer

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" gets annoying when i defend WWE and I'm suddenly a "WWE Fan boy" or if i liked something on ROH i hear "indy darling"

Its annoying because of how contradictory it is.....its a "damned if you do and damned if you dont" statement, which is something that a lot of fans do these days.

Ive been a wrestling fan for 20 years and ive absorbed A LOT of wrestling in that timeframe. I know what good wrestling is and what a good wrestling show is.....NXT Takeover: War Games was a great show and Survivor Series was a very good show.

I also know that when i look at the SS main event, i wonder what the entire point of it was. If the entire point of it was just to load it up with star power and tease dream matches, then that works for a little while. But after that, what does the match accomplish? Who does the match put over? And who was made after the match? I dont even think Braun got much rub from the match. To give that match a ton of praise, despite it being a stel backwards in progress for the company, makes no sense.

But then again, ive never really cared about Tito's wrestling opinion. His articles are so ridiculously stupid to read that i get more out of reading the comments section than the actual article. Every once and a while, a good one pops up but they are few and far in between (his This Day in History segments are usually always good). As far as his PPV reviews, even going back to his younger days, ive never given much value at all to his wrestling opinion because i just thought he was a Scott Keith wannabe and was trying too hard to be "controversial" instead of giving an honest review.....hell, you can even see that it still exists now, unless he just has no idea what makes for a good wrestling show or match anymore. I always preferred DaveyBoy's reviews because he actually knew what he was talking about.

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But if the WWE would have done the match, youd be praising it. So very "logical" arguments youre making.

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So i guess "wrestling fans" are just nothing but WWE marks who kiss Vince's ass, makes inconsistent and ridiculous arguments and wants things to remain the same way as they were from 10 years ago?

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I wrote the comment in that way on purpose, dude. And if you want context, read his NXT review and then read the firdt half of this review. His whole "real WRESTLING FANS agree with him about NXT" comment sums up as to why people come on here and give him shit.

He gave this show's main event ***1/2, which was bettee than any rating he gave at the NXT show. He constantly complains about how the company struggles to create new stars and inject new blood into the why give praise to a match where 5 of the final 6 guys involved are all 10-20 year vets who are past their prime and are just hogging the spotlight from the younger talent?

The problem is the lack of consistency of his arguments. You cant bitch about wanting new stars but then criticize the show that is trying to showcase its new stars.....and to make matters worse, praise a main event that is a step backwards for the company in the grand scheme of things.

Read the rest of the comments. Its a constant battle with this hack and his inconsistent arguments......the same guy who thought Nash beating Goldberg in 1998 was a GOOD idea.

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No offense but he is like 47 or 48 years old. His knees are not healthy and his neck hasnt been healthy his entire career. I dont expect to see the Kurt of old. He is going to look slower and older because thats just how it is......thats what you get for wrestling his style for 17 years.

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I wanna know who these "wrestling fans" are that agree with him

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Until someone trolls him and then its the end of the world.

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So you ragged on the show that featured hungry up and coming talents with a main event that featured an an old school style of match that people wanted to see and thoroughly enjoyed to go along with a card that gained universial praise the other main event that featured four part timers, one of which is a non wrestler, in a match where the veterans proceeded to make sure that they were the important focal points over the young stars and made sure to showcase that the near 50 year old non wrestler Shane McMahon (who you rag on constantly but apparently you prefer him over NXT) and the near 50 year old Triple H are the two top dogs on the brands, despite the fact that it constantly goes against your constant bitching about wanting to see change in the company and want to see new talents pushed.....yet.....youre such a mark that you cream your pants the minute WWE throws a bunch of veterans into one match just so the company can stroke their ego and push said veterans over the young talent and yet youre going to come out with a few more columns complaining about "THE WWE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO CREATE NEW TALENT"......which you will then contradict with a "THE WWE NEEDS TO KEEP FOCUSING ON THE VETERANS BECAUSE THEY DREW 15 YEARS AGO!!!!"

Makes "complete sense".

Main event was overrated trash that had nothing really going for it outside of old people hogging the spotlight but the rest of the card was great though.