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Thats one of those stupid points he keeps making that makes no sense when you look at what professional wrestling is and what it should be. Wrestling is a show, a piece of entertainment that is scripted, whereas boxing amd UFC are not.

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Im 100% certain he was not buried at all. In fact, you keep using that word.....i do not think you know what it means. Buried is main eventing PPVs one month and the next, youre working Superstars and Main Event because of something you did, something someone said about you or just the company giving up on you. Buried also means no more title shots or title wins to the point where you are forgotten about and you are on the chopping block. Does Cena's run from 2014-2018 even remotely fit that description? Of course it doesnt, only a fool believes otherwise

Cena was specifically booked stronger than the WWE Champion Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns up until Cena was injured in late 2015. Cena got the big title shot at Summerslam 2015 (Roman worked a tag match) and Seth needed John Stewart's help to beat him......that is not a guy who is "buried", that is a guy who the company bends over backwards to protect.

Cena no longer has to carry the company on his shoulders......that is all that has happened. And no, him no longer carrying the company is not why ratings are down.....i can think of multiple legitimate reasons why RAW's ratings keep declining and Cena doesnt even make the Top 10.

Youre forcing your opinion to become fact.....its not working, mate. No one believes it because we have evidence that goes against your claim. All you do is point to the ratings.....those dont tell the full truth.

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Cena reminds me a lot of The Rock in that he is selfless and does not mind trying to put people over. That is what separates him from someone like Hogan, who almost always had to win every single time (2002 notwithstanding). The fact of the matter is that John Cena has a pretty sweet deal that he is most likely enjoying. He has been part time ever since he came back from that injury in 2016 (the one where he missed like 6-8 months).

Cena is at a place where he doesnt need to carry the company anymore and its actually quite smart. Look at what he has done from 2015-now: hes wrestled in the mid-card, hes having the best matches of his life during this stretch, he comes and goes when he pleases, he's a 16-time World Champion, he is putting people over in matches, he is still treated and paid like a top star and he doesnt have to kill himself working every house show or every TV show and the company is making a shit ton of money without him. For the first time in his career, Cena is finally allowing himself to take time off and enjoy life instead of working the constant grind of the company.

The only person who has a problem with this is Tito, who still desperately holds on to this ridiculous notion that this company buried him (which is the incorrect way to use that phrase) and that Cena is unhappy yet providing no real evidence to prove that Cena actually feels the way he assumes he does. He comes off like a jilted fan who is unhappy that his favorite wrestler isnt wrestling.

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Yes Brock got his win back and once Braun gets his win back, he wont be damaged. The company has been building him up into the star that you wanted them to build him into......i dont know why you keep complaining about him being damaged.

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The problem with this is that its pure SPECULATION on your part to keep assuming this yet you still keep pushing this narrative just you like you always try to push some stupid conspiracy theory narrative that never makes sense. In the end, the truth is right there for all to see. John Cena is happy, he has his own schedule, he doesnt have to carry the company, he is free to make movies and TV shows and do whatever he wants while getting paid lots of keep saying that like its a bad thing and you keep implying this as if this is what Cena feels when its how YOU feel.

When you make stupid points like this that are not factual at all, you look more like the Buddy Landel of column writers.

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Tito never learned how to take criticism. It's nothing personal.

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I'm still waiting for him to give valuable evidence that Lesnar actually is the solution to the ratings woes. Has he never heard of the phrase "diminishing returns?" Brock Lesnar is a special entity that we don't see every week so when we do, it's a big deal. Having him show up every single episode of RAW or Smackdown would quickly diminish would be worse if they had him wrestle......Brock doesn't have to wrestle every week, he's getting treated like a king as Why do you think Cena has been a part-timer for two years? It wasn't because of some nonsense like "THE WWE HAS BURIED JOHN CENA SINCE 2014 AND THAT'S WHY THE PRODUCT SUCKS NOW!!", I can tell you that much.

Roman Reigns is an interesting case of being the most overpushed/underpushed top star in the history of the business. They push this man so hard to the top but they completely pull back on him when it's time to give him the big win. I think a lot of this Roman nonsense would not have come this far had this company just given him the belt at Wrestlemania XXXI. Instead, they gave Rollins the belt, which put Roman in a perpetual holding pattern for the rest of the year and killed his momentum. They gave him the belt at XXXII but then took it away from him due to his that's another push ended right there. They had him beat the Undertaker at XXXIII but then spent most of the year having a back and forth feud with Braun that got Braun over but not Roman (in fact, it did him no favors). Then they had Roman lose AGAIN at XXXIV and again at the Saudi Arabia show to Brock. That's 3 matches against Brock and Roman has failed to beat him in all three matches. This is why I don't give Roman the full blame for the declining product over the last 4 years (contrary to Tito's beliefs)......Roman Reigns is the modern day version of Lex Luger circa 1993-1995. The difference is that they ended the Luger experiment before it got out of hand, the Roman experiment has been going on for years.

So, good points that I agree with.

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Don't forget to include yourself in there, mate.

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I just think it's stupid to harp and bitch about who is better when in reality, both products present the best of both worlds, especially when one of the company just started putting out US based shows like what, a year ago? I understand that we want competition and such but right now is a good time for pro wrestling to try and be better. Yes, it's not the Attitude Era but then again, nothing ever will be what the Attitude Era was again.

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Wrestlezone reported that there was a mess up with Ticketmaster in not making the best seats available possible to people who purchased their tickets first so that could be a factor. Plus, you have to remember that 1,000 seats are being held for the New Japan Fan Club members.

However, my point is this: NJPW hasn't even announced a card yet or any names and they have half of the arena filled at this time. Once they start announcing matches and the like, I'm sure the ticket sales will come in. Personally, if this show is a success in any way, that's a good thing for pro wrestling because it means more US based shows for NJPW.