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I think it just boils down to the fact that he just doesnt like Reigns as the top guy. I mean, after winning #17, there's nothing for Cena left to do. I just dont understand why he feels that Cena should have been champion for these past four years and still be the top giy........while another generation of stars passes on by just so we can continue to see John Cena vs Randy Orton in the main event.

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Damn good comment. I agree with the entire section dedicated to Cena......him beating the Rock truly ended his journey and after that, it was time to find the new guy to dethrone Cena. I remember Hogan, in one of his books, talked about the toll being the top guy took on his body all the way back in 1990. You can only compete at a high level with hardly any time off for so long until your body just cant handle it. I think you hit the nail on the head with your comments.

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That whole section comes off like a Cena fanboy being angry that Roman is Vince's new top guy. Poor John Cena.....i feel so bad for a guy who was on top for 13 years, 16 title wins and 5 WM main events. That whole "I BET CENA REALLY LAID IT INTO ROMAN DURING THOSE PROMOS" theory is just that, a conspiracy theory. Cena is the biggest WWE Yes Man ever, he would never belittle the new top star like that (he's not Triple H) and there has never been any hint of resentment from Cena towards Roman. I think Cena is just ready to move on and go be an actor (he's been doing it for years) and he is still young enough to give it a try. Maybe he was waiting for that next guy to show up so he could leave.....ever think of that? Its always been out there that Cena wants to try an acting career and thats probably what it is. Maybe he feels the company is in a place where they dont have to rely on him as much, maybe he is hurting and enjoys the time off. Maybe Cena doesnt want to be the top guy anymore and the writers called for Cena to challenge Roman with his promos. I think all of these are valid possibilities......SABOTAGE is desperately reaching.

For a guy who *****es so much about wanting to see new talent, new characters and how the company needs to move forward, you sure do want them to continue to push Attitude Era and OVW 2002 guys ahead of the new batch of talent. Youre whole "CENA VS BROCK NEEDS TO BE THE MAIN EVENT" prediction is the icing on top of the cake. They arent sending Reigns to the mid-card just because you dont like him and you love Cena.....thats basically what this article boils down to.

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I think permantely under 3 million is the new $9.99......annoying as hell and will constantly keep being beaten into your skull until the point gets across that Tito is right

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I love the comments section

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About where this match belongs.....middle of the road so no arguments.

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He was only champion for two months, dude! How could he have any time to be a draw or fail as a draw when he didnt even have time to have an actual feud other than finishing up the Savage feud? Do you have any factual house show numbers that prove he wasnt drawing on the B shows after Mania or are you pulling information out of your crack, same as saying fans didnt see him as a main eventer?

As for Steamboat/Flair, it did draw very well in 1989.....if youre referring to Clash VI for their 2 out of 3 Falls match that drew horribly, that was due to piss poor promotion by George Scott because he thought that if they promoted the match, it would kill the house shows. He was fired for this decision. If youre referring to Flair being more over than Steamboat, it was because of Steamboat's wife (who apparently wanted to be on TV really bad to the detriment of her husband).

Plus Steamboat was a mid carder by choice in the early 90s because he wanted to help develop the younger talent......whats wrong with that? Just because you love 40 year old plus talent still hogging the top spots doesnt mean everybody wanted to do it.

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Unless they dont get low baller, which doesnt sound like its going to be the case.

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He did have a valid argument if he wouldnt have kept on using the word......yes the company would hover around below or slightly above 3 million so its very valid to say that they could be in risk of this happening but it was his phrasing and his "IM ALWAYS RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM NOT" mentality that kept forcing the issue. A simple apology or a my bad would have ended this......why this is still a talking point months after he made the first comment about it is not just on the people harping on it but because of him as well.

If he doesnt like people correcting him on it, then maybe stop saying it in that fashion. If he wants to keep spearheading that point, then people will continue to call him out for it and he shouldnt get so pissy about it. That said, youre right.....viewership decline is an issue worth discussing because there are so many reasons and facets as to why the company loses viewers. Ill give you an example.

Tito, in this column, commented that Smackdown was down two weeks after Nakamura won the Rumble, which is passively blaming him for the ratings decline......i would argue that Nakamura isnt being featured enough and the ratings are going down because Smackdown is stuck in this endless Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn/Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan angle that just wont end along with stale matches, feuds and angles. Its too soon to start blaming Nakamura for a ratings deline, especially when he isnt the main focus of the show.......blaming him already is an overexaggerated reaction that is made without logic or sense. We still have a few weeks worth of AJ being in this angle before his focus shifts to Nakamura.....then its on the company to sell this match in a way that will make it important.

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No arguments here with any of that, i agree with you!