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Just to reiterate the point, the Church does sanction exorcisms. It is a tradition which was dropped as psychologists positioned themselves as the "soul" authorities on what they deemed to be psychosis. Recently, the Church as been bringing priests to Rome to be trained in the ancient rite.

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The "one-facelift-too-many" look on her face belies her fear. Someone should warn her not to smile or she may tear a hole in the space/time continuum...

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I'm not a bitch. I'm a ho...not my favorite imagery. Pat Benatar. You'd Better Run. Heart. Barracuda.

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Are you really wondering what his intention was? His intention was to get cheap publicity and street cred for publicly insulting a republican congresswoman. You're just giving him the attention he craves and that will insure that there will not only be a next time but it will be worse.

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As a Tea Party organizer in Illinois, I have always known that the Left would be coming to beat us down eventually. I do not ever take my kids to these rallies because union thugs have too much to lose if we succeed. They will fight like feral animals to maintain their status quo. Eventually there will be an order from community organizers to act with brutality. My kids don't need to be there when it happens. But I will be there. I will not submit to the will of terrorists.

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Elephant filets served with a cream dill sauce and those little boiled potatoes on the side. What's for dessert?

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Nice try. You have the unicorn Hummel's in your possession right now, and you're planning to take pictures of their mighty and majestic horns to send via Twitter to an unsuspecting elven princess. You can try to claim that you were hacked, but we're all on to you.

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A five year old is more likely to learn quantum theory because he realizes that he doesn't know everything. Soros should be so lucky. Now, if you compared Media Matters to a toddler throwing a hissy fit...

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Because when Obama uses the word Democratic that's code for Marxist.

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You're absolutely right. Let's obsess about the people who are too coolly brilliant to worry about such silly fairy tales. Secular humanism is far more interesting. I could sit around all day just thinking about how clever people are when they illustrate their superiority.