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I agree. Send the automakers' mgmt Atlas, let them declare bankruptcy and re-organize w/a new business model.

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I read a post at Tim Ferriss' blog yesterday titled "How to Lost 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 days..". Some tips are made especially Rule 4 which prescribes taking 1 day off per week to eat whatever you want. Here is the link:

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I really like that (celebrating each month) and like yours and Amy's other traditions such as going off the grid. Hope you have a nice night and hope I find my Amy someday although the prospects aren't good being in a town of 11,000 (albeit a beautiful town), most of the single women not having all their front teeth and my turning 40 last week. Oh well, off to walk my dog, life is still pretty good. Great talk at MIT by the way. I watched it in full and recommend it to others.

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The best blog post I have read today.

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Well said RentalsGuy!

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Here is the anonymous post I took down yesterday after I made the error ending the contest early.

[A new comment has been posted at

Posted by Deadline: Entries will be accepted until 10 am (I had to move it back a few hours as I have an appointment at a lake home from 10-12) 4 pm CST on Memorial Day, May 26th ]

I apologize to all and I feel badly about a bad end to what was meant to be a fun and free contest. On the plus side, the winner (from St. Paul) emailed me a short while ago and is very excited. We are working on arranging a pickup next weekend and I'll add a photo with her permission.

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What this comment is referring to is that I made a mistake. I had posted the drawing date for the new Weber Grill (which I am paying for, not my company) as 4 pm on Memorial Day but for some reason, I had it in my mind that I had marked the drawing date as May 24th. I arranged to meet Dan out of his home a little after 4 pm yesterday and put all the names in a hat except the 1 entry I thought was late. The commenter pointed this mistake out after I had already posted the picture of Dan and announced the winner. The commenter didn't leave anyway for me to contact them. Since only one entry was added after 4 pm, I changed the date on my site so that noboy else would enter and I removed the anonymous comment so as not to confuse and I would have liked to contact the commenter to explain my error but wasn't able to do so.

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Boulder rocks (is this already a cliche in Boulder?).

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I enjoyed this post Brad and have forwarded it to some contacts that travel more regularly than I. My favorite was "I just wanted to make sure you weren't an asshole". Did she say it with a smirk or a hint of a smile?

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Sounds like a great weekend. You both are fortunate men.