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Cheating is lying, so if your "sexting" and you don't tell your spouse before you do it, of course it's cheating

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Ken you're being a child.
The man was doin his job. if the refs wanted to donate their paychecks to any org that is their choice.

when it comes to uniforms's the problem.
Ok this week we do pink whistles cause we "like" the idea.
Next week someone says "let's do blue whistles" for gay teenagers.....and we say "No" and they well you did pink whistels last week......then
The refs look like inconsistent jerks that cherry pick a cause and then express it through uniform changes, and now their open to any uniform change due to someone's request.

I think you got this guy wrong Ken, and if you ask him personally why he did what he did, I bet you would end up apologizing to him for writing such an immature post, and you might even begin want to reflect on your own journalistic methods and qualifications.

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Hey Hey, now, give the man some room, stop acting like children.
He got this mess of a tunnel money funnel, on a referendum so you can have a say in how much overage you want to pay, or if you even want to pay it. He's doin the job with gusto. i like that. and yeah if anybody came knocking at my door after business would be difficult to send a reasonable letter, cause I'd rather chuck their camera in the Sound for being such disrespectful people...certainly not the behavior of proffessionals, komo , take it on the chin, poor form for such a well known org...must be the new hires eh?

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Let em talk. Free speech is just that. any body who wants to de-rail it, is the problem.
And to fear the "chicken littles" out there, is a waste of time too.

Hint: CAIR ask for some time at the Everett College to speak your view, either on the same night as a debate, or as a bookend to the overall subject at a later time.

But by all means speak!. To decry the other guy without presenting your case, is a fail.

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Whatever the case, I'm glad they thought better of it, ......releasing those photos to satisfy the childish desires of those who like that stuff would be a mistake. Bad form, and bad news.

I think they should put the photos and the evidence in the National archives, anybody who wants to see it can go visit. but dont splash death images on newspapers and all over the web....."there is no dignity in that" (thats my Gramma talkin)

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Gee.... I see them in the air day in the air down here by Boeing Field. certainly a beautiful ship in flight.

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You'd think they would practice a few times before they actually said or did anything, like the the SEAL Team that got it done.

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That would be Hylarious to see Obama now standing in front of that old banner....Mission Accomplished.

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nonlib you got my comment wrong.....there are some things that we do, that help facilitate bigger disasters. take katrina, there were outer banks around new orleans that were a natural protection from big hurricanes and floods, they were removed by the army corp of engineers to allow larger ships to navigate, but we removed a natural protection, more suffered.

We have squeezed, and tightened the natural flow of the missippi (again army corp did the work) this is directly accountable for the floods that happenend in the midwest a few years back.

And yes, Tornadoes need a particulate in the air to increase in size, and we find the pollution of carbon particles asisst in making wildly big tornadoes more often, we put the particulate in the air. It is unnatural for it to be there.

It's about understanding how we facilitate our own destruction, the earth will be just fine. that's all.

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There are connections to these crazy big twisters and the particulates of pollution in the air that we create. sometime its just like watching mother nature say, enough is enough, i am knocking some of this stuff out.

a referrence;