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I won't be surprised if they one day decide to gas the homeless to clean up the country. Someone should make a documentary about the homeless here and get it screened at Cannes. The govt would just DIE if that were to happen.

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That is not going to help when it comes to getting that US visa waiver! If Malaysians are known suicide bombers, the US will make it tough (more expensive) for the rest of us law-abiding citizens to get into the country. Maybe even other countries.

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Doubt it after that guy blew himself up in Syria. And he got militant training in PD to boot. It would be unwise for them to grant the visa waiver.

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Now they say the DNA results aren't out yet, so body is still unidentified. If not him, then who?

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If there is foul play, I hope those involved get their punishment. May this not be another murder like Stephanie Foray's. But I would think that if it was a murder, the iPhone would have been taken.

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I suspect that the mother and her friends were busy begging and when she left the daughter in the care of her friends, they were too engrossed in their activities to mind the child. I could be wrong...

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From what I read on wikipedia, all the China pandas in the zoos around the world retained their Chinese names. One was born in Mexico and was given a Nahuatl name, being the first panda cub born outside of China. I say give new names to the cubs if Feng Yi and Fuwa ever successfully reproduce. Only then will you have a truly made-in-Malaysia panda deserving a Malay name, like Kalthom.

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Why should she convince the mother? The mother has made her choice and it's up to the mother to decide if she should join DAP, not the daughter. This also shows that Dyana respects her mother's decisions. And that is a better image to show the voters.

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I think the infiltrators will be sorely disappointed, no hate is spewed in churches.

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Something I've believed as well. If God was all-powerful, He would have done so. Now, it almost looks as if He's doing it to entertain himself with the pettiness of humans. I suppose conflict has to be created in order to control the human population, or there won't be any food resources left.