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I liked it too, Jennifer: So much so that I linked to it from today's Safety Vision blog post! Good practical stuff about road trip/summer vacation safety. (And y'all know how this gal feels about road trip safety, right? Hope some of you followed the Roadshow Blondes HOU-to-NYC charity road trip in April. Safety Vision was the title and vehicle sponsor, and I rode along vicariously!) One tip I would've added: Don't text or tweet and drive. Minimize distracted driving ESPECIALLY with kiddos and other loved ones in the car. But (jumping off soapbox) overall great post, and congrats as a firstie, Jennifer! Fun, isn't it?! :)

P.S. I was delighted to see the Safety Vision link (via Dan Keeney) at the bottom of your post!

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Good stuff, Ed. I know my inbox is a necessary tool (almost typed "evil"), but I prefer the peeps and the haps and the editorialized, INTERESTING content over in my corner of the twitterverse. (I think it was @fayza who said looking at her inbox email after 2pm could turn her into a pillar of salt. Or somesuch!)

Interesting, though: I was recently vexed by a sharp need to know "Did you see my tweet?" involving Schipul's own @happykatie. I'd sent her a video clip April 18 featuring my live-action hula-hooping Hello Kitty, but she didn't respond (I'm sure her head was still in Marfa: what an adventure, that!). I really, REALLY wanted to know she'd seen it; but One does hesitate to ask, doesn't One? Would I be totally pimping out your blog to post it here? Perhaps your HK will see my HK, yet!http://yfrog.us/j35ibz

Thanks as ever for a thought-provoking read, Ed. And oh ya, I already am following you on twitter (but you knew that!).

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Sweet, loving post from a sweet, loving daughter. This "gift" from you to your mom must be her Best Easter Basket Ever! Loved reading it, QCait, as a mother AND a daughter!

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As you rocket out of the nest like the candid* condor that you are, necks will crane, eyes will squint: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Fayza, yo!" Off to other aeries and giddy heights and fresh adventures... On #FF, I'm happy to say I'll continue to follow you and the ever-entertaining swath you cut through our fair city, you with your wickedly witty writerly wiles!

*Isn't it rich & right that we got to work with YOU on a blog called CandidOnCameras?? Nobody does candor like you, young condor: You give new meaning to "Keepin' it fresh, keepin' it real!" It's been bracing, it's been fun; and I'm so glad you were part of our Schipul team. Fare thee well, fair & fearless Fayza...

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Wow, Albert, this really hit home with me--and today of all days. I pushed myself squarely out of my comfort zone and took a huge leap of FAITH in pursuit of a personal goal: becoming a family advocate in the fight to eradicate retinoblastoma, an early childhood cancer of the eye that may destroy vision and claim young lives. I don't know where I'll find the time or what the outcome will be, but faith helped my family survive and thrive when faced with retinoblastoma. And I have faith that I may help others do the same!

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I espouse the listmaker\'s theory of \"default hot.\" In fact, I basked in it during high school: While I never worked in a pizza joint, I did turn heads at the DQ!

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Appreciate the G2, Maggie: Forewarned is forearmed! I am a loather of Spam, I am.... :)

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Thanks for the comment, Randy. We'll take it as a compliment: We, too, are very pleased with the layout of Candid on Cameras! We like its vivid, crisp, and clean look and its dynamic energy--all attributes that we like to think are shared by our company and our offering. Too, the blog's layout lends itself to the display of photos and video, which we're all about--being in the mobile video surveillance camera business.

The template is called Misty Morning and we found it at themeforest.net. Here's the link: http://themeforest.net/item/misty-morning-wordpre...

With a little help from our friends at Schipul - The Web Marketing Company, who helped us kick start <a href="http://www.candidoncameras.com" target="_blank">www.candidoncameras.com , we customized the template to maximize its user friendliness and to reflect our corporate branding. But Misty Morning gave us a great starting point. Hope this helps; good luck getting your blog up and running!

Have a good one; have a safe one! Christine...

(P.S., Randy: Sorry for the tardy reply. I thought I'd responded last week, shortly after you left your comment here. But that response has apparently evaporated into ... the ether!)

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Hi, Randy~
Thanks for your comment, which we'll take as a compliment: We like our blog layout, too. It's brisk, vivid, and dynamic--all attributes we aspire to! Too, it makes good use of photos and video: and that's what we're all about, being a purveyor of mobile cameras and video recorders. We found the template @ themeforest: <a href="http://themeforest.net/item/misty-morning-wordpre..." target="_blank">http://themeforest.net/item/misty-morning-wordpre... We tweaked the format a bit with our friends at Schipul, who helped us launch our Candid on Cameras blog and other new media tools.
Good luck with your blog!

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I studied French for 7 years but can't claim fluency, I've played violin accompanied by My-My Ma on the ivories, and I was born in Libby, Montana so ... no, not quite in Condy's league! LOL, I loved your recap, Fayza. Glad you got to be on that scene (even if you weren't wearing a pantsuit).