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'...Can you imagine what people would have said if we had been allowing 700 Germans to enter the country each month when we were at war with the Nazis?...'

We would have taken up arms against them, oh...hang on we did.

The difference is we didn't have traitors in power then, we had politicians who would defend our shores from the invaders.

I bet Elizabeth I is spinning in her grave knowing that her predecessors have helped to destroy our heritage and once proud nation.

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Strange! Such a warm welcome for a so called vile Mr Nick Griffin and Mr Richard Barnbrook, are you taking note all you lying media scum, this is what the BNP are TRUTHFULLY about.

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Unlike the lying, cheating Liebour then,

'...Number of new arrivals has surged by 50% under Labour...'

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It looks like it's not just TRUE BRITISH people that believe multi-culturalism does not work, the Americans are saying it as well.

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It's not the first time asylum seekers have made ridiculous excuses and managed to gain asylum with the help of this corrupt government;

And Ireland;

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Good comment Simon, it always tends to puzzle me why we get an abundance of comments on the BNP articles and never as many on Digg It & Twitter to name just two.
I do tend to just copy and paste my comments from the BNP site to Digg It & Twitter, mainly due to time constraints, I'm just to damn busy trying to save our once Great Britain.;)

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I can't believe the irish people have struggled and fought for their independence for years, with lives lost, and families torn apart, just to now roll over and play dead for these non-elected eurocrats.

I don't think some of the Irish-Americans are to happy about it either,

'...Ireland surrenders again..'

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Ahh, but don't forget the important thing here is that the BNP tell the truth and WILL implement their policies, unlike the lying traitorous LibLabCon who are only saying what they will do. Once they are in power they will do the same as the Labour scum, absolutely nothing, apart from lining their own pockets.

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I think there has been a massive cover up with regards to the war crimes. Investigations were started in 2004 against our traitor Blair,

and yet they are still thinking of putting him in as the EU president. How ironic this government is, they won't even allow BNP members (who have caused no crimes whatsoever) to work in the private sector, yet they will happily employ a suspected war criminal in the EU. Not only is the british government rotten to the core, it also looks like the European parliament is following suit, exactly why they are trying every trick in the book to break up and disband the BNP.

This country and by the looks of it Europe has only got one saviour, Nick being the honest politician that he is will not be corrupted by Blairs puppets and this traitor along with all his other treasonous Judas Icariots will rot in hell.

This article needs digging big style to let the whole world realise that political corruption is rife.

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' matter how much criminal legislation they rush through Parliament designed to suspend democracy in this country...'

Maybe Mr. Phillips should take a look in his own backyard before attacking the honest BNP.

Equality chief Trevor Phillips awarded friend £300,000 for ‘£30,000 contract’.