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all i found was the tethering. I don't need to tether - just get the right .ispw file (i think).

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to be clear - neither pwnage nor redsnow will do a jb now, which i need to remove the carrier logo deal, to then get mms update.

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I jb iPhone 3G using redsn0w on Snow Leopard. I then updated iTunes, and the iPhone 3.1. I did not unlock, but tweaked the carrier logo. Now I am unable to get the MMS push due to error: 0xE800003D. I then went to run jb again to remove the carrier error in redsn0w and pwnage tool. I've tried 4 differend .ispw files. PwnageTool continues to not see the file on the desktop. I did the manual lookup, for all 4 .ispw files (2.0.2, 3.0, 3.0.1, & 3.1. I attempted redsn0w again to run the jb to remove the altered carrier logo (not unlocked). Redsn0w now informs me that none of the .ispw files are correct. I'd like to run the jb to remove the carrier issues to get the MMS update (and maybe Qik too). Any help?

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My leadership team was heavily inspired by "The Starfish & the Spider" by Ori Brafman, as well as "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg. However, we are in need of transferring these ideas online. Static websites that are seldom updated aren't serving the congregation to the best degree, nor the other connections we have. I am beginning to point the way on where we need to be going - and they are starting to get it. Tribes would be a great way to share how we can facilitate communities online with our site being the hub.