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Like you - I don't know who she is, probably Woodys sister !!!

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Joking aside, how much of it will be near to the actual thing ? If & when the rag does shut down.

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"They" cut of hands off hands for theft. In cases like this, it should be appropriate to cut off "something" else !!

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"Not forced" Tell that to the people of S. Ireland. I wonder when they will get their 3rd. vote to decide on their membership of the EU ? !!!

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Is this a smokesceen, or can they legally withold this information under the exemptions that they put forward ? If so, then it must be challenged.

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This job must only be offered to a longstanding member of the Party. A member who has proven that they are dedicated to "The Cause". There are plenty of foot soldiers in the Party who are quite capable of doing it, AND, there would be no backlash in the future. Choose very very carefully, or, there may be trouble as we have had in the past.

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If you want an Indian Curry, use a Restaurant owned by Sikh's, they don't use Halal meat.

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My main concern is that the questions will be loaded, so that Nick will not be able to get across to the audience & viewers the TRUE policies fo the BNP, and even if they are not loaded then his answers can be distorted by editing. Hopefully - for once, the BBC will be honest. But I doubt it. An unedited version of the programme should be made available on the web, for people to draw their own conclusions.

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Nice to see you're back !!

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Question. Were the remains exumed and laid to rest elsewhere ?