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Thats exactly what will happen. If I were one of the major party leaders I would secretly be hoping for defeat. The winning party is the one which will have to bring in massive cuts which of course will be unpopular. The backlash could happen after just one term and the party in power could find themselves completely destroyed. Might be good for the BNP

If its a hung parliament I predict another election within 9 months. But who knows, the shower of political cowards we have will do anything to keep their cushy jobs. The lib dems are positively dribbling with ultra excitement at the thought of sitting in on cabinet meetings. High up on their agenda will be an Amnesty. Their actually a more dangerous party to this country than labour.

And your right. 80% of all decisions are made by unseen, unelected European Bureaucrats. None of the major parties can run this country. That's why not one single question can be answered directly or honestly. Surely the British people are going to wake up to this state of non affairs after the next five years?. The evidence is clearly there staring them in the face. Cameron is a Euro Sceptic and if he had stuck to the position of offering a referendum he would have won by a massive majority. But his strings are of course being pulled by the real rulers of our country and Europe. It a done deal, were in, nothing can be done about it, unless a party like the BNP can take power.

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This man is completely brainwashed or just totally brain dead. Even Lib Dem supporters inside their gut would hate being called a mongrel race. Now imagine the Lib Dems in power and people from all over the world flooding Britain simply walked around calling any of us at any time 'Hey Mongrel boy, Mongrel Girl", TV Broadcasters saying and "The British Mongrel race went to the football match" do people like that idiot Sandy Walkington think hes not going have mass riots.

Now Imagine of Clegg had stood up on the National TV debates and declared that all we British are nothing but a mongrel race. His rating wouldnt be anywhere near the 30% mark.

Now, if only the people of this country would open their eyes and ears!

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Labour keeps telling us all that we will be a hi tech economy envied across the world. But even a three year old knows an economy based around shuffling bits of paper around typing keys on a computer keyboard actually producing nothing will not sustain a nation. I keep telling people this simple truth and it does seem to work. The only people it doesn't work on are those who work for the state.

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We have to hand it to the Russians for the recent decline in GW propaganda. Of course the decision to hack in to the East Anglian Universities GW authority dept (a joke) came from the highest level, probably Putin himself just in time for the Copenhagen summit which as we all know now was a complete wash out. Remember the photo with Obama, Brown,Merkel and a few others sitting around simple chairs, no fancy board room or desk looking as if they were talking with the deepest intensity and as if the planets demise was imminent Pure PR that didn't work because those emails had been leaked out. That meeting its self lasted about ten minutes, it really was just a photo op. A last ditch attempt to try and convince the automatons that there is a really big problem.

However, the warmists are not going away. They are creeping back in to the light and I noticed just last week on the various BBC radio channels there was a higher number of warmist advocates getting their fifteen minutes than there has been over the last few months. But I don't think the majority of people will forget those lying emails in a hurry. It was heartening that during one of the BBC radio 2 debates the majority of callers were against the warmist. He was definitely struggling. I could actually feel his veiled contempt for people who don't believe a word coming out of his lying mouth. The presenter did his best to help him but undoubtedly they were inundated with callers not buying in to it.

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She will have been taken in to a BBC back room and re-educated on how not to allow Nick to talk policy.
BUT THATS EXACTLY WHAT NICK MUST KEEP DOING. Talk Policy. None of the others will, people will notice him, and the party for its policies.

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Oh come on. Be fair. The man has to play the media game to a degree or he would never receive a single column inch. I have a lot of respect for many of your points but I also respect Andrew Green for being one of the few public faces who do challenge the establishment with facts and figures. He does actually get noticed, his points are read and in general I dont think there's that many BNP supporters who dont welcome his comments.

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The boxing match comment made by Mahoney will backfire. Definitely good for the BNP, bad for the UKIP..

Let those coward opponents deride nick as they knock on doors. To their face the householder will probably agree (some of them) but as soon as the door is closed the common man and woman will know a bully when they see one, and they will pick up on the complete lack of policies and disregard UKIP candidates.

Nick just needs to talk policy. The message will get through.

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The worst thing that could happen to this country would be a hung parliament. It would create an absaloute mess of confusion allowing leftists to take advantage. No policy changes would be made period, the onslaught would continue even more than it previously did. The ultimate status quo will have been achieved, exactly what rampant leftists want.

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Yes Leela, your correct and thank you for acknowledging such a situation.

Its the little thing i really notice. Like for example going to my local Nat West bank. Theres always a queue and always some foreign people. I watch the overly wide eyed smile that beams Im so interested in you from the tellers as they serve a foreign person, I see the overly helpful (but totally fake) attitude where every word is given with a huge sentiment of how wonderful it is to speak to you., Quite often going way above what they need to like filling in an application form there and then while we wait behind. When I opened an account there I sat at the side and filled it in just as I was asked to. Then it comes to my turn. Theres a smile, but its barely noticeable and even more fake. Theres no eye contact, and a definite "im not interested in you or what you have to say" lack of interest. The difference while subtle to most is obvious to me. Its like this everywhere I go whether its a shop or local council office. I certainly feel like a second class citizen the moment I walked out the door.

While these things may not seem so serious on the surface it actually just chips away at your soul and makes life much much less enjoyable.

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A sensible policy by the BNP definitely nicked by UKIP. However, even if all countries banned it, the UK governing classes would of course be the last bastion of all things Mecca and would defend the cloak with all its might.

But I have a feeling the most Muslims in this country would have little problem with this because it is not a condition of their religion and the majority of them dont wear it. The people that would have a big problem banning it in this country are the white self hating liberals.
As a matter of interest I have seen more white converts up in here in Aberdeen wearing the full garb. Of course their just attention seekers, but it also shows just how far the self hating liberal will go. Its also amazing that some female converts are feminists. Their hatred of their own kind, (but mainly white men) is as low as a species could go. In fact there is no other mammal on earth would or could turn on its own kind as the self hating liberal does.