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The main reason for the censure is her going against fellow Democrats and voting to support the nomination of Judge Michael Mukasey.

The #2 reason was her original support of telecoms immunity in the FISA bill, which I believe she changed her mind on.

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Thank you for considering and including Couchmouses' Corner into the Network. I hope you find my views interesting, even to those that might not agree with them. Feel free to stop by anytime and leave a comment if your so inclined.

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Thank You for your consideration.

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Using WP 2.2.3 and the latest Cutline 2 column theme modified.

With ID activated posts with no comments work ok when you go to add comment (your system shows up and sidebar works) However on posts with existing comments when you go to add or view comments NO comments show up and the theme is partially broken (the #div container border does not render properly and the Entire sidebar is missing.

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Before activating ID in wordpress do I need to deactivate the 2 comment plugins I am using?

1. Contact Form ][

2. subscribe-to-comments