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You dumb*ss. Sister Sarah, even though she BELONGS in the ranks of the unknown, average person - God knows she has nothing to qualify her to be more than that - is a PERSONALITY! She makes weird off-the-wall comments regarding political issues all the time. She relishes criticism from the likes of Maher - it stimulates her wacko base ands they give her money. This woman slandered by Limbaugh was not.

12 years ago @ - Palin Punches HBO In T... · 0 replies · -5 points're an idiot. A perfect Sarah the Twit disciple.

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I've posted this several times on this blog in the past:
Larry O'Donnell is the most credible, articulate, and intelligent political voice in the media.
This video only confrims that.

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Bull! Krauthhammer is 75 yrs old if he's a day. I mean nobody could look that decrepit and have been born in 1950.Though there's little doubt he spent time with psychiatrists

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Agree.....what Bohemond stated're growing up TANMAN.

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He heh....thanks for reading and trying to understand.....which you almost have. There is no contradiction.

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The Tea Party?

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Barry's got another 5 years.........he'll have wheels for quite some time.

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Churchill was dealing with a modern day group of people of his own kind, compelled to gather power to rule the world thru murder and genocide, and who were attacking his country.
Obama's dealing with a dark age culture that W stumbled into without regard nor sense, who only want us to leave them alone.

Just a teenie weenie difference, you moron.

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Well we know one thing for certain, it would have taken a tribe of ignorant savages not knowing what they were doing to elect this twit.