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Very well-said, Zurairi!

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"Healthier" for the business people and "Extremely Unhealthier" for the consumers!

Will these pertrol dealers promise that when petrol prices go through the roof, they Will Keep Prices Below Market Price because now they are asking that consumers pay above market price!

A few petrol stations have closed, so have many people gone into poverty as they are unable to make ends meet. Salaries don't rise to meet the constantly rising cost of living while businesses fail due to poor management or greed.

Find the hard solution to the problem without taking the easy way out by passing the difficuties to the consumers.

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He who "tolerates" does not "respect" - this is implied in the meaning of tolerance. Tolerance is the grudging, temporary allowance of something one does not like/approve.

Sarawak, bless them, seem to have accepted all religions and races and, importantly, taught their people to do so. Their politicians do not tear their society to bits for short term personal gains.

Peninsular politicians think 'no trouble, no gain' and show tacit support by keeping quiet while the religious depts. and NGOs destroy peace by their outrageous diktats, pronouncements and threats.

These 'wise words' as mere sound bites, not balm on wounds!

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Did it occur to these 'religious scholars' to ask 1MDB why they invested in a foreign land.

If they had spent here, there won't be outsiders asking nasty questions.

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DS Hadi, is Islam a religion or political empire? What is this illogical claim about downfall of Islam in Indonesia & Spain.

Ottomans conquered Christian Spain and centuries later the Christian Spanish retook their country. What foreign powers are you talking about? Ottomans were the foreign power there. Telling lies to change history is unbecoming of one who claims to be an Islamic scholar.

What has EPF, BMF, Tabung Haji, IMDB, Perwaja got to do with foreigners. Whatever wrongdoings were committed by locals who belong to his faith. No foreigners had powers over these entities.

Instead of blaming foreigners for the crimes of locals, Hadi should be educating these locals on Islamic virtues.

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This is the winning, tried and tested, heroic method for nobodies trying to become instant somebodies in 'moderate' Malaysia by some claiming to be from the religion of peace.

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"As responsible family members...."

Responsible for what - the way the boys turned out? Most will say that it shows the height of irresponsibility of the family members.

Then to refer to people who are shocked and sickened by this dastardly deed as having a 'herd mentality' is grand indeed!

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Well said! It was exactly my reaction too, on reading. Simply incredulous!

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Salute to the writer for enabling us to make some sense of the savagery in our society. The 'looking the other way' is still the preferred way to deal with despicable actions by some.

I wonder if he could go a step further and investigate if some of the bullies of his time are currently the 'little napoleans' in our midst in the govt. or leaders of so called ngos who are constantly calling for violence against the weaker folks.

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How can petrol station owners make a loss when they make big gains when the prices go up - one balances the other. How about the people - we lose when prices are high.

Govt. sides with businesses and not with fixed, low income people who have to bear rising prices by lowering their standard of living. So why can't businesses live with lower profits during these difficult times?