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That the show will act as a sort of contextual membrane through which kids absorb quintessential images that will one day render direct source material more accessible, and that the cultural déjà vu they experience when they encounter said material will recur throughout their adult lives?

7 Year Old Me: I dunno, man, I already watch The Simpsons...

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I was a fidgety child and an even more fidgety adult, so consequently, I am EXCELLENT at braiding

(but not if I have to do like, a braid crown or something - just ones that hang there, waiting for my twitchy fingers to braid and unbraid)

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I have never watched this show but I think I should just so I can see Essie Davis happy and stylish and not tormented by an evil spirit conjured by a terrifying children's book that that may or may not be a manifestation of her guilt and frustration

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I love black mirror I am a bad feminist I guess :(


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It's on Netflix! Here in Canada, at least. It should be pretty easy to find it streaming in any case, it's been out for about a year!

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Dirtbag Jodorowsky's Dune

JODOROWSKY:salvador dali i would be honoured if you played the emperor in this movie i am going to make based on a sci fi epic i have never read

DALI: ok cool thats cool but im extremely important and influential, have you seen this moustache seriously
whats a crazy amount to pay an actor in the 70s? 100k? 100k a minute?
i would like 100k a minute please

JODOROWSKY: ok fine youre going to be in my movie for three whole minutes
didnt think id get you there huh
we measure time in dollars here, not melting clocks

(I heartily recommended everyone watch the documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune" right now)

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Yesterday I went out wearing all black, leather leggings and a leather jacket and didn't realize I was subconsciously channelling Rosa until it was pointed out to me. I probably need to buy nunchucks and an axe next.

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I can't not read Linda Ronstadt's name in Barney Gumble's voice.

This is unrelated to today's link roundup but I marathoned half of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this weekend and I was just wondering if Detective Rosa Diaz has been elected patron saint of misandry yet

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Just a public service announcement to not read Escape From Jonestown if you are in a public place, like a coffee shop or office, or anywhere you would be embarrassed to be seen sobbing, because I read that piece yesterday and holy shit.