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Convert at least 1 of the apartment buildings into a locked treatment facility. Commit a crime get committed to in patient treatment. Fail treament..get evicted. Bus them to Chicago or East St louis.

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No worries he will be back in less than a week.

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what is a "seaon"?

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excellent idea..NOT!

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I don't get it either. I believe when these people moved in next to Kinnick Stadium they knew where they were moving to. I don't go to the games and stay out of Iowa City on game days but then I have a brain. But I would not vote to stop others from buying turkey legs and t-shirts on game day.

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Actuallt if you want to be correct it would be you're missing. Short for you are. Your, would be like "do you know your hair is on fire?".

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If they came home now we would have more planes flying into buildings. The Golden Gate bridge would be in the San Francisco Bay. And we would bomb shelters in our back yards.

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To breathe. To honor the fallen. To honor those better than you. Those who have chosen to serve are better than me.

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Hey, Girls!! Sounds like he is a live one! Check him out.
Seriously $80 he could have got that with a cardboard sign, a blind dog and a street corner.

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Please. Take a moment. It is a terrible shame that our brave men and women are serving and dieing because they swore an oath to their country. My daughter volunteered regular army served 7 yrs did 2 tours in Iraq. Her husband has done 3 tours on his 11th yr, my husband's grandson Army National Guard 1 tour Iraq now in Afghanistan. My niece Capt in the Marines, they all served, are serving their country proudly. And for that I am proud of them. I do not pretend to know what our country's mission is in Afghanistan or Iraq but if we need to be the policeman of the world so be it. I wish for all people everywhere a small bit of openmindedness.