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Hi, awesome podcast. My question about sleep. If I wake at 3 am every morning signaling that my dopamine may be low, would it be beneficial to take Master Aminos close to sleep? how many hours before?

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Yes, "The Curve" is completely awesome. It has improved my running immensely. My coach showed me a trick to use too for a drill. just stand on one side and use like a scooter. it activates your glute very nicely especially if one side is less strong.

It is possible to walk, but I find a easy jog to be very difficult. It takes a fair amount of energy to push the tread belt. I think it has improved my form because you really have to lean forward. It has helped me find my glutes.

Not all woodways are manual. the motorized ones have a manual mode.

I have been begging my gym to get a CURVE. They haven't.

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I think Julie mentioned that she makes a pound of liver biweekly? Can we get the recipe? (do you use beef or chicken?) How do you store the cooked liver -- doesn't it go bad in that amount of time? How do you not over/under cook it? I've been buying online liverwurst (since it is difficult to find grass fed local), but I just hate how I have to buy so much and then I am left with a Styrofoam box that I'll have to keep 10 months to recycle.

To bad those Strength and Conditioning Journal articles require a > 200.00 subscription. Thank you for the summary. I tried keto, but it was super hard to maintain and do hard workouts. I think I also made the mistake of too low carb. Then of course I imagine if someone is going to eat lots of fat they should know their genome, before they get way out there on the diet. So great podcast, thanks

I would love to hear what this one says: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Female Athletes. I'm pretty sure I heard Chris Masterjohn say that peeing is tightening of the muscle and holding is relaxed. So, if that is so, then when you sneeze you should not squeeze like one is inclined to do to keep it all in? Maybe you two could cover this complicated subject. (Just to share: my pelvic health PT told me NOT to pee too frequently -- you know how your mom always told you to pee before you went out - I guess that was wrong, by doing that, the muscles became weaker. As a control group of 1, I can attest that fighting the habit to go before I go out has helped!)

Thanks for the podcasting!

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Tawnee, I love the comments about van life. Give us more!

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Thanks as always for a great show. Just a couple of comments:

About protein supplements. It is a good idea to limit protein supplements because heavy metals are found in many of them:

I was getting leg cramps and finally realized it was due to creatine.

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I always enjoy your podcast. Thanks!

You were talking about HRV and HR monitors. You can use the Garmin HR monitor with the Elite HRV app. (I found that I can't have any other bluetooth device turned on at the same time) The Elite HRV app is free. They also offer a HRV course. I'm enjoying it!

I was also interested in your turmeric shots. I simply pulse turmeric in the food processor, and also pulse ginger and then steep a tea, or mix with coconut milk and warm it up (I live in N.E. so it it nice alternative to hot cocoa). Then I typically eat the turmeric and ginger too! Tell me, if you juice the turmeric how long does it last in the refrigerator?