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I think Nintendo will be the only company to create a new console in the next 3-5 years. Both Microsoft and Sony made thier consoles able to be updated via internet, so they dont need to release a new console. Overall the idea of a new system every few years will slowly greaten to 7-10 years because of updates ans ease to do this. Nintendo is in a bad position as their console is not open to updates as easily as the others, and because they are already seriously lacking in the visual department.

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I find it ironic that Nintendo is questioning the appearance while playing games in 3D considering they might release about the most absurd peripherals possible...

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This is exactly what online should be for!!

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Is anyone else having trouble sending their emails in.

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Great reaview Ben!! IT was really informative.
Yeah I learned my lesson from the last game that motion control does not add much to the overall game and takes away from the experience

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I agree with you on a lot except for cheaper VC and mortal kombat games. I never was a mortal kombat fan so i dont really care that they are not there, and you cant really complain about the price on VC games because they are still so much cheaper than most things on Xbox live, there are very few games under 10 dollars on XBLA and most are at least 15 dollars, on the cotrary VC games tend to be between 8 and 15 dollars.

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It was only out for about 10 days in June so thats pretty good, lets just hope it keeps up the sales.

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Nice review i really do like the new review system it is short enough to read quickly and still informative.
I think I will pick up this game eventually I never got the first one so I guess now would be a good time to get this

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Well it seems to me it only helps beat the level while to find the hiddenn extra stuff you still have to do it yourself.

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Aewsome Basketball sounds pretty cool the skydiver sounds fun too