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What is the difference between Slavery and Welfare or working for ACORN?

It astounds me that all the "Reparation Activists" or people who want handouts haven't done anything in the 12 or so countries in Africa that still practice slavery.

When the 13th Amendment was ratified in December 1865, those who were in bondage were released. They were given 40 Acres and a Mule for Penance. Which totaled $330,000.00.

It would be interesting to do the family trees of those who want reparations to see if they owned slaves.

I've seen my Family Tree, my Family arrived in Jamestown, Va long before the pilgrims landed on the rock. My 3X Great Grandpa married an American Indian who owned a slave. Shortly after the marriage he freed that slave. That is the only ownership I could find for my family. Yet the Slave was set free within a year after the marriage.

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There's another book that also covers the Real American History. I'll need to contact my friend to get the title of it. He read a portion of it to me in chat. It covered how slaves were treated in Virginia. They were considered family and even if freedom would have been offered.. Not all of them would have sought it because they had a great life as a servant.

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In your response to CAFE standards.

I blogged about it here -
Good debating though.

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The response to Socialism.

It's simple, Socialists don't believe that our rights come from God. They believe that our rights originate from Government. If the Government giveth the government can taketh away.

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If you actually had read up on the Founding Fathers. You would have been aware that the slaves were freed by the Continental Congress and General Washington for 1 year of service in the Continental Army, plus they received $5 a month pay for their time served. Then you had the Virginia Constitution written mainly by Thomas Jefferson that stopped importation of Slavery.

Also, after Washington became President he signed the Northwest Ordinance which ended the importation of slavery, and banned slavery for the NorthWest Territories.

My point about going back to the Constitution is the fact that the 11th - 27th Amendments exist. So even if we wanted to, we couldn't go back to slavery. That was the point my Professor didn't understand nor did my Academic Adviser. I'm not saying let's go back to 1791. I'm saying let's go back to the way our Founders had intended for America.. Where the People have the power, that we lend to the states and lend even less power to the federal government. Let's become the Separatists like Jefferson and Washington espoused. Where we have Trade with all and entangling alliances with none.

Is it really necessary for the United States to be the Police force of the world? Is it necessary to keep troops in bases overseas, aside from Japan and Okinawa (Terms of Surrender). Why should our tax dollars be taken to be redistributed overseas?

Read "The 5000 Year Leap" and "The Real Thomas Jefferson" I think it will help you understand where I'm coming from.

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The arguments that he made about Slavery and Women's right to vote. Were all resolved with the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

The part where the Government is telling the Automakers what to produce has to do with CAFE Standards.

There is an all out assault against God. Whether it's in the public square with Crosses overlooking Military cemeteries, gay marriage, or Climate Change.

All 3 are an attack on God because the Socialists hate unalienable rights. The socialist believes that all of our rights derive from government..

Keep in mind that this same Professor when challenged with my research of the Nazis. Instead of debating me, said the "Typical Liberal thing" research it. Which I had already done. Hitler took God and Guns out of Germany. Then he took the Banks, the Auto Industry, and other things. He told them what to produce and how much. What makes that any different from what our Federal Government does with CAFE standards or hell, the Fascism take over that Obama did with GM and Chrysler?

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Since it was caused by Mark to Mark being implemented.. Loosening the accounting principle restrictions should lead to a healthy recovery with hyper-inflation.

Because we printed money we don't have and it wasn't necessary to print money to solve this problem.

Obama will use the recovery as being solved by his Stimulus.. Mark my words he will try to launch his Obama Care off of this.

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Anyone wondering why the Stock Market is up and Banks have record Profits? It's because the Congress has forced Mark to Market accounting principles to be loosened up.

Like I have said before, the whole Recession was caused the Democrat Controlled Congress changing the accounting principles to Mark to Market in November 2007.

Mark to Market along with Sarbanes-Oxley caused this collapse. Now they're slowly loosening restrictions on mark to mark accounting rules..

Just as I predicted they would. Remember back in December 2007 when the Democrats were harping about the Economy everyday. It was because they knew what they had done would cause the collapse.

Too bad, Congressman Hunter wasn't able to put forth what Art Laffer (Reagan's Economic Advisor) had suggested.

Art Laffer had a 3 step plan to solve the Recession.

1. Raise FDIC Insurance to 250K (Which Congress Did)
2. No Bailouts (Which Congress didn't listen to)
3. Get rid of Mark to Market and move to Mark to Hold (Which hasn't been done yet)

Now, Pelosi and Reid shutdown all committees and Bush was aware of it.

We the People are being played by both parties. Wake Up America

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Mr. Beck,

I find it interesting that you would say that those who question Barack Obama's citizenship to be conspiracy theorists.

The media including your show on CNN HLN and Fox did not vet him. I voted for Congressman Hunter in the Primaries, so I'm not a Ron Paul 9-11 Truther.

I didn't vote for Obama or McCain in the General Election.. I chose to go with Chuck Baldwin with my backup choice being Alan Keyes.

Why don't you hire Popular Mechanics again to do the debunking on Obama's Citizenship. Like you did for the FEMA camps or like they did for the 9-11 attacks?

Now the term that's being thrown around is if you think Obama may not be eligible to be President, you are labeled a "BIRTHER".

I say I am simply an Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5er.

We know that there have been several lawsuits where Mr. Obama has elected a procedural move instead of providing proof with a $12.50 certified copy of his Birth Certificate.

Also, President Obama has been using his Presidential Campaign Funds to defend himself. Wasn't Palin brought up on Ethics charges for starting a defense fund?

Then you have Major Cook having his order revoked before appearing in court. Anyone who has ever served in the military knows that once you volunteer or are volunteered you can't get out of it.

My question pertaining to Mr. Obama has to do with his school records from Jakarta, Indonesia where his step Father registered him as an Indonesian Citizen and in 1981 Mr. Obama traveled to Pakistan. Now, the US didn't want Americans to travel to Pakistan in 1981 and to the best of my research. I could only find that Mr. Obama got his first US Passport after being confirmed in the Senate.

Also, dual citizenship wasn't allowed in Indonesia until 2006. 24 years after Mr. Obama traveled to Pakistan.

Here is the link to the Frank Asis School record which was photographed by an AP reporter.

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If Obama knowingly committed Fraud.. It would make the election null and void. Repealing everything that has been done while he was acting with this fraud.

Which means, that Joe Biden would also be disqualified.

Check the 22nd Amendment and the 25th Amendment.