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The (self)baffled Americans can still count on the schizoid French establishment to push forward for 'Assad must go' meme and use them as an excuse when every other pretext is exhausted. Since the French politicians are capable, the day after their citizens were massacred by ISIS commandos (or at least both sides seemed comfortable with and assumed this interpretation), to insist that Assad is the source of all evil, despite obvious contradictions, then they ought to be fully capable to play the battering ram role for whoever is in charge with keeping the American foreign policy on imperial tracks. No matter to what precipice those tracks lead.

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Very accurate and meaningful parallelism. Thank you for a very interesting reading. Good article !

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Ramadi needs to be turned into proper ruins and nothing compares with the US expertise in the field to magnificently "finish the job".

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The "white man's burden" early 21st century variation.

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Didn't know the part about Christie.

I didn't say I liked any of them or that they convinced me in any way, Trump the least, but Christie knows what he's doing and can talk his way. I'm sure he doesn't have the clout to become Reps choice, but if he gets some following (which you seem convinced he won't) and if Bush isn't forced by others good performance (Trump if he doesn't fizzle out or, maybe, Fiorini which looks like a necessary counter balance to the rather expected Hillary victory on the other side) then, from all those present at the debate, Christie struck me as a "good" choice for VP, especially since he said something that sounded to me very much like he favors conviction without trial, which is in tune with everything that is happening both in US and EU.

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I managed to watch the entire debate.

My two cents, as a foreigner:

Rubio, Fiorini, Walker, Cruz should be avoided at any cost. Theatrics aside, reversed auto-da-fe aside, they're mentally unstable, imo.

Carson and Paul are relatively decent individuals, but they don't stand a chance. Paul's presumed or real strategy to get the nomination by compromising his father's clear and worthy stances doesn't work at all.

So Jeb is the bright star in the bushes ? Then the monumental blunder when he defined his brother's reign as one that ensured safety probably took place in a parallel universe.

Nevertheless, he seems the choice. There is some subtle deference for his person from the other 3 that matter, imo, Huck, Christie and Trump. If it wasn't for Trump being so popular for now, I'd say Bush-Christie is the ticket, the latter doesn't look a bit less dangerous than the Cheney shadow. If Trump keeps a high score until the end he might change that formula in one way or another.

I left someone out... yep, Kasich. Not so bad but he can't assert himself at all.

I'm pretty sure Israel was mentioned more times than USA when, in some form or another, a pledge of allegiance seemed necessary. Land of the free... hmmm...

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Incited by this article I started watching the republican debate. After 30 mins I really need to take a break. It is scary. Some of the 11 people there are sick. They shouldn't be allowed near a box of matches let alone the top office in the most powerful country in the world.

The way the debate is conducted proves how low journalism has fallen and also, indirectly, what a low, but probably correct, opinion the MSM moguls have about the public watching it.

Where do some of those candidates get the idea the world wants or needs US leadership ? Such arrogance !

I think I'm going to skip over some of the Rubio&Carly blabber, they're probably there to make other look not so horrible by comparison.

Btw, shouldn't a psychiatric check be mandatory ? *shivers*

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Good luck Mr. Malic !

Internet ease to follow someone wherever he may write aside, your leaving is a loss for Antiwar readers, both in original content and style.

Thank you for all your contributions here.

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In (t)his special case it spells anal-ISIS, same symptomatology.

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Really!? How many gypsies have "migrated" in your opinion?