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I don't believe there has been much change to the racquet other than the cosmetic. The Spark is a very light squash racquet and it is not an overly durable model. Breaking without contact to the wall though sounds more like a defect than a regular issue.

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The string is a multifilament string and it is quite normal for it to start to fray. It can last quite a while after that starts. As the string frays it notches and really helps the string to stay in place and not move around in the string bed which helps performance. I can't say exactly how long it will last but I know the first time I played with 305 (green) I was concerned initially to see peach fuzz in the centre of the racquet but it lasted much longer than I ever expected it would.

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I would take a look at the Tecnifibre 305 1.20mm green string. It has a really nice soft feel to it. It provides good comfort, access to spin and reasonable power.

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Thanks for commenting here. The new Viper 2.0 is similar in construction to the Viper 1.0. From a durability perspective they have toughen up the toe drag area on the medial side a bit. It should help protect that specific part of the shoe a bit better than the previous version. As always real world results will tell the tale but it is still a bit early to know for certain. I hope that helps.


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I quite like the Salming shoes but if they have a weakness it is that they do not withstand toe drag well. The Blast 4/5 had Rhynoskin to protect against that which is thicker than what is on the Salming's. One of the biggest changes with the Blast 6 from the 4/5 is the change from Rhynoskin to the P-Guard system that you had on the Blade. It works very well. I would recommend you take a look at the Blast 6 instead of the Salmings in this instance.

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They are rated specifically as a wide fitting shoe but overall I would say yes they support a wide foot fairly well. I was recently sized for skates and need a EE and have a pair of the R1 2.0's and they are fine for me.

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Thanks for adding the second comment and for responding to my email. I will be contacting Salming on your behalf as discussed.


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I am very sorry to hear that the Viper's last such a short time for you. I have sent you an email to see if we could assist. I was also hoping to find out if it was our customer service or Salming's that you had a problem with. I did not find any other communication on this order to indicate an issue before this comment. Please do let me know.

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All of the sizes listed on our site are listed in US sizing as that is the sizing system we use in Canada.

All the best,

Jeff Warren
Control the 'T' Sports

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Just sent you an email directly on this.