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The police can not handle everyone and it's costing the city thousands of dollars, the police are cutting bank because they don't want to loose anymore money. The protesters are winning the fight against corruption, I am hopeful that they boycott Wallmart and any other business that is hiring illegals any other matters that cost us the people more money to live.

The protesters are marching, speaking, organizing, controlling and paving the way for your future, but most important, your children's' future and their children's' future.

God help America, bring forth more portesters to the front lines so everyone can see new faces.

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Keep marching.

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Elizabeth, thanks for your comment, it just goes to show first hand what happened. I believe they pulled you inside so that the paramedics would not arrive and help you, the police did did not want to be held liable, if you were taken to the hospital, the city would have to pay for your care.

They did everything they could to keep you out of the public eye, I would highly consider contacting an attorney and suing them for what they did to you and by concealing evidence and by not giving you the care that you are entitled to.

So many people are angry towards you and do not even understand what happened to you, now the truth is out there.

Fortunately, you were not killed, so many police kill people in United States alone and a great deal of them are in Portland, you are one of the lucky ones. Police can not handle the truth, this is why they hurt citizens like you and all of the other citizens like the old man that can beat up by the police not to long ago, we need more people like you.

I am hopeful that you are still protesting, keep up the good work and remember the ones that doubt you are still sleeping with the devil, let us pray that they too will soon see the light and be saved by our lord.

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Your so stupid you cant even understand right from wrong not to mention the reason of Freedom of Speech, you most likely talk with yourself and the only person that hears you is your conscience, that is if you have one, most likely you do not. Your not fooling anyone but yourself.

You are hearing loud and clear aren't you, otherwise you big mouth would be filled with a pickle with warts.

God be with you my child, I shall pray for you and ask that he take the devil from your soul.

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Sounds to me that you just heard what I said, glad you are listing. Sounds like you are also listing to what she is saying, glad your hearing is working just.

God Bless you my child

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We already won, look at all of you that we are getting responses from? That's what we are looking for, you are what keeps us moving. Keep up the good work.

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wa, wa, wa, keep on crying

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Sounds like you complain alot too

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Good Job Protesters, keep them busy, keep the money rising, look at all the money they take from us on everything from shutting down restaurants and giving out parking tickets, they wont even let us put money in a meter that has nothing to do with us, their all about themselves, brainwashed.
Watch out, those cops just might shoot you like they always do.

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It just goes to prove that the police can not handle words, they get angry when the truth hurts, just think of all of the people that are writing in the blog if they were fact to face and one on one, I am sure that our words would cause them to strike out.

Peace be with you

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Keep in mind that our world is a world full of different opinions and that is all right because we as individuals have the right to be heard and to be free, with all of the forceful things that are happening not only in this movement but the movements to come.

Look at all of the people that changed their accounts from banks to credit unions a couple of weeks ago, look at the way that police are handling things, look at all of the people like you that get angry because someone speaks the truth, it seems that no matter what anyone says, you still have to go to the point of degrading them without any cause, without any feelings and without any form of understanding.

Remember, that praying will soften your heart and help you with the proper understanding of the facts that are in front of you, believe my brother and ye shall be saved, help the hurt and ye shall be seen in the dark, keep your devilish ways and ye shall be dammed.