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"Think what you do when you run int debt; you give to another the power over your liberty."--Benjamin Franklin

We have sold our financial 'soundness' to others. And yet the administration wants to try to borrow more money to 'fix' our healthcare. Madness.

My Senator, Senator Specter, sent me a response to my request for him to vote no to any hearthcare packages, especially if it is not the same package he and all other elected officials would receive.

He kindly explained to me that there are millions of people not covered and that the government must look into pooling insurance to help these people.

Of the 300 million plus in our country we should risk all on covering the 40 some million with no coverage.

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I agree this president will never be impeached. Just look at al lthe legitimate questions that were brought up and totally disregarded during his campaign. Now, clearly, it's no longer a campaign, but people--mass media, politicians, of both parties and at all levels--they are afraid to touch him.

I'm more afraid we're heading to a Hondurus situation then anything else.

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Exactly. They're just playing a game. We need to end it. Get real 9-12ers elected. And if they start playing games out they go too.

The people can no longer afford to be apathetic.

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Again, i can't believe they let this man open his mouth! Really every time.....

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I'm starting to think maybe someone somewhere is feeling some pressure from the 'crazy' tea people. Ha.

Maybe it's wishful thinking but, I think these carreer politicians are paying more attention to us than they want us to realize.

That means we need to keep it up, intensify it, and vote their butts out. I don't care if they vote for or against healthcare if thy've made crappy votes in the past (cap and trade, the budget, tarp...etc) they need to be out.

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I work in a poor school district. At least 75% receive free/discounted breakfast/lunch. When I teach the segment on the industrial revolution I always take an informal poll. Raise your hand if you have....cell, computer, more than 3 tvs...etc My students have coach purses, the latest cell phones, almost all get cars either before or when they turn 16, they all have ipods/mp3, computers, personal computers and many have refrigerators in their rooms.
They call me rich because I am a teacher. It took me what 7 years to finish paying off the student loans and finally buy a house. I'm proud of my accomplishments.
I don't begrudge anyone anything if they work for it. But if people really knew how many of my students tell me they don't have to do anything because they will drop out when they turn 18 because their parents won't get money anymore for them to attend school. Then, they'll get labeled disabled so they don't have to work like the 'suckers'.
What will people do when the gov't can't pay them anything anymore? How will they cope when they realize they aren't entitled to things just because?

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Pittsburgh is broke. Has been broke. The city is dead after what 7pm. I go down to the Pens games and it is just sad. They keep raising taxes, jobs keep leaving and still the majority of the people vote democratic. Interesting enough this is another area where they are investigating ACORN.

As for Philly--wasn't that where the gents showed up at the voting polls armed with their Obama information? No voter fraud.

Most of PA voters vote for conservative but those 3 places are dem strongholds and as long as they can keep funneling money into these regions they will keep the votes. Course, having said that, the tea parties keep getting bigger in Pittsburgh.

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We also have the second highest gas tax in the nation, which is one of the taxes that Rendell keeps trying to raise. The income tax hike Rendell wants would only increase income tax by about 4.50 a week and according to him, that isn't enough to really effect anyone.

There was an article in a Pittsburgh paper today explaining that our legislators are getting 31,000 a day to not pass our budget while state employers are not receiving a paycheck. A group of Patriots went to Harrisburg to discuss the budget with a Rendell representative (with a petition from over 10,000) and was essentially dismissed--told to take it up with their lawmakers.

It is the same problem in PA as everywhere, if you don't have the money don't spend it. This TEA party movement is starting to have some effects though and we must focus on continuing the pressure everywhere.

As for Murtha, GO BILL RUSSELL!

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Believe it or not someone is doing this. I live in southwestern PA. There are four billboards posted on a major road that sees a lot of traffic. They are changed frequently and they point out GREAT stats about the budget, the TARP stuff, the healthcare. They criticize both federal and state government. GREAT Work and a great idea.

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I like Palin too.

Here's my question though, what is it about her that brings such visceral reactions? I can't believe how many people hate her. I mean HATE her. They can't really explain it without attacking her, the old she's stupid line.

But wow, the hatred is unreal. I just don't get it. I don't like Hillary Clinton much either, but it's her politics that get me. I can't say that the mention of her name causes my head to spin. Peoples voices change, their expressions are unreal and the personal attacks are outrageous.

Why does she cause this reaction?