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especially when the rationale for the scapegoating is perfectly legit. nice try though.

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A person with no principle who says people breaking the law "arent hurting you so it's ok" is the one who looks like they have no education. You dont even have to be in esl classes to know that.

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Regia79 - it's too bad all of your thoughts have to pass through some sort of racial filter before you allow yourself to make a conclusion. Back in the old days they had a name for people who processed information like you do. Racist. Why oppress yourself like that? Enjoy your bitter life I guess.

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Some of you people have been completely duped by the misguided and, in some cases, straight up feigned outrage over this new law. If you cant see how this debate has been high-jacked by race-baiters then I cant help you. It's not at all about race, it's about illegal activity that is tearing our country's instututions apart. If there is a particular race that is breaking a particular law more than other races, it doesnt make the law racist. Are we to just turn a blind eye and let illegal immigration go on unchecked? People who legally immigrate need to leave their allegiances to their home country behind when they become citizens. People really need to get over the racial obsession in this country and just start being Americans. I keep hearing all these immigrants talking about "we", "us", and "our community/our people" etc. Listen to yourselves talk, and then ask yourself how you can keep calling other people racists? It's crazy talk. Enforce the law. Enough is enough. Live here legally and pay your taxes, no one cares what race you are.

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I agree, people are hyper-critical and Bush was not treated rationally or reasonably. People ran around foaming at the mouth for an opportunity to bash him for anything when he was pres. I'm just saying it doesn't do anyone any good to jump up and down in excitement because the president failed to bring the Olympics to Chicago. If you didnt want the costly and chaotic Olympic circus around, and that's why you're happy about this, great, I'm with you. But, if you're just happy because he failed in his quest, you're not helping anyone or anything. People who think he's some sort of savior are already too far gone and this Olympic thing won't change their opinions anyways.

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1. Neither war is lost
2. The sitting president is never the reason for a good or bad economy.

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I dont think we should be celebrating presedential failures, but Mr. Obama should get back to work on things that matter. Hosting the Olympics would have meant nothing more than financial disaster for a certain country and a certain town that already can't control it's own budget.

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Can someone please tell me how or why Oprah Winfrey was involved in this? I mean how is a conceited, self-absorbed dim-wit talk show host connected to the Olympics? Oprah should understand that people dont like her nearly as much as she likes herself.

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Your post is incoherent, therefore your point is murky. BUT ... if your attempted point is that we should blame Bush for not getting the Olympic bid, I would have to question your rationale. If you think that the rest of the world doesnt like the US exclusively because of Bush, to me that means you didnt start paying attention until lately. The US has been hated for many, many years by all sorts of peoples who wish the US's agenda and interests were the same as their own. If you were to actually do some real investigating, i think you would find that Obama and Bush are equally liked and disliked, depending on the agenda of the fan or the detractor. I dont blame Obama for the Olympic miss, but I certainly don't blame Bush? Why should Chicago get the Olympics? That mess of a city hasnt EARNED it, but i guess earning things is not how it's done in Chi-town. Good for Rio, no Olympics has ever been held is SA.

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"But of course, we live in a nation of entitlement. All these overprotective, soccer moms"

i dont care about the bus issue, i walked to school when i was a kid, it's no big deal ... BUT ... if you think soccer moms represent the entitlement mentality in this country then you are completely out to lunch. get a clue. i can guarantee you that the entitlement folks are not at the soccer fields on Saturday mornings.