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This picture is so typical, stopping traffic by changing his flat tyre in the middle of the road, not giving a damn about other motorist, Hopefully the PSNI will pay attention to the reg number and ticket this motorist for obstruction of traffic........really....

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So America can "strengthen" its own missal defense but the rest of the world is not allowed. Wow, please someone bring this child (USA) into detention. They are clearly not mature enough to have nuclear weapons either.All they want to do is play in everyone's else's sandbox. Whilst I disagree with 911's outcome, I can now understand the eastern culture and thoughts

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dead on mate...sad but true.

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oops USA is pissed again, so what else is new......will they ever learn that there are other nations in this great world that are not part of Obama's leadership and can actually think on their own two feet.

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Really, with all the events happening in the World today, why is this news? BT would you like to hire a reporter?

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£1.5 million, wow......think what that money could have accomplished if spent on worthwhile causes to help our homeless as an example.

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Absolute idiots can you leave the flag issue out of this state of the art invention,and appreciate what it means to improve our quality of life , Is that all you morons can think about, the f*** flag issue? Jesus man get a life.

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Lol who wants you to meet with them. Give your head a shake. daft man. Not one protestant in NI believes a word you say. You killed our brethren and got away with it. You belong in Jail not Robinson's right hand.

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wake up woman read the papers, Belfast is controlled by the nationalist

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Did you all read this statement?

"A statement was issued after British and Irish government officials".

What the h^^^ does the Irish Government have to do with Northern Ireland......geeses.....