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A TAG TEAM MATCH!? Are you fucking kidding me?? You want Shawn Michael's, easily one of the top 5 wrestlers of all time, to come out of retirement to be in a tag team match?

The way I see it there's 3 options.
Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, or stay retired.

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$40 for live coverage of the biggest indie wrestling event ever, and half of you are scoffing at the idea.

Don't come here on Monday and bitch about Raw if you can't support the people who are passionate about giving you better content.

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Say what you want guys, this man is the last of the real 'superstars' WWE had. No one has reached his level since he left, hate him or not.

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Heyman isn't a miracle worker. His biggest success stories are Lesnar and Punk, both of whom are great on their own anyway. You take a guy like Owens and make him a Paul Heyman guy, it's likely to work because Owens is already amazing on his own.

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Ah, very fair points. Though who wouldn't want to see Rousey tear someone apart in a Cell match?

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Wait... You think that the best (over)seller since HBK himself wouldn't fit inside a Hell in a Cell? You're out of your mind, Ziggler would kill himself in one of those and it'd be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

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Shame that (and this is by no means a shot at Hardy) they didn't book him for one in his prime. Probably for the best, could've taken a few years off of his career easily. Still could if he's crazy enough to try some big spot off the cell, but I think he's being more careful these days.

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No women's cell match this year? Bummer.. I thought they really killed it last time.

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Do yourself a favor and actually go to HulkHogan dot com and watch the other video of Hogan shilling these VIP tickets. It's good stuff.

I put my bid in for $10, I think I'm in for sure.

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Well I can agree with that. The NAO return was a complete waste of two of the best tag team wrestlers of all time. Same with the Dudleys though. And considering how incredible Bubba was in TNA that was almost unforgivable. Could've paired them with Heyman and Brock and started a little faction or something.