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Best play area within Northern Ireland is WE ARE VERTIGO in Newtonbreda South Belfast. In door ski slopes, high rise sky walk, climbing walls, soft play area. Really is amazin

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fair play. looks great. Well done to the teacher for thinking out of the box (no pun). too many teachers just turn up and don't inspire or create.
Shame some people brought tribalism into their comments!

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41% of housing in Northern Ireland is in negative equity. Home owners need to understand there are various solutions to this problem, many of the solutions do not involve solicitors. You need to learn what options are available so you can forward plan. NORTHERN IRELANDS HOUSING MARKET WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS. IF NAMA CUTS US LOOSE THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CORRECTION. IF BANK OF ENGLAND UP INTEREST RATES UP THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CORRECTION, 2 huge factors beyond our control.

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Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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Amazed they only lost £8 BILLION. Ulster Bank are taking horrendous decisions with customers businesses and purposefully distressing them creating a bigger loss than they would originally have faced. Incompetent fools! We are a self help group based in NI who meet regularly and hear of horror stories from Ulster Bank customers on a weekly basis. All with the same tone "We had a workable solution and ulster bank ignored us!" our members have successfully challenged other lenders and we believe there are legal, lawful and ethical solutions. Problem is all the solicitors work for the banks and do not give the guy of the street all the angles available to them which they could use to challenge the lender, maybe because they dont know or maybe the client has no money to fight.
Is Ulster Bank insolvent? Can they trade whilst insolvent?

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for decontaminating areas which may have been exposed to swine flu has a specialized decontaminating/disinfecting cleansing system

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mivan in administration, and every other building contractor not far behind! tesco, m&s , sainsbury, debenhams, figures all down.

stop trying to big it up and be honest with the people !

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more lies, just before the news that BTW has been bought by savilles! as they are uninsurable!

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what time does it start?