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sweetness! can't wait to see it built up. need to get to the track and watch ya race. looks like your going to be making a lot of Quick Left... hand turns. ;-) hahaha

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nice post! You can skip the mkdir .ssh if you want. ssh-keygen will do it for you. :-) Rob I like your idea of writing a post on post-commit scripts or just promotion scripts in general.

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New site looks great guys!

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I guess my thought is if they jumped shipped from somewhere else they weren't happy before and saw something in your product, something more they wanted. Hopefully they saw enough to stick it out with you while you got up to speed. That's the risk. In the case of an iPhone app, I can understand the theory behind holding back if you have no 3G phone to test with. That would cause me to loose sleep. I would still loose sleep though over the fact that I didn't have my iPhone app up in the store on the initial launch where pickings were slim and everyone was checking things out. It's a tough call, I totally respect the decision to wait when you can't even test on an iPhone 3G. I guess time will tell.

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I agree with Justin. Get it out there. Start learning. As long as you fix your mistakes your early users will stick around. In fact some might argue that they will become more loyal. People like to feel like they are on the ground level, be apart of something from the beginning.