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Well I was able to get here via Internet Explorer but now if I try to get to the homepage of Wonkette, I get the same error message again.

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Yes - using Firefox I got the same error but when I use Internet Explorer, I can get to the site. Not sure what the problem is.

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I can't imagine this isn't an every day occurrence by at least one person in the Administration.

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Her and the President have managed, somehow, someway, to keep their cool through all the insults and displays of disrespect that they've had to endure. I wonder if they just go into the China Room at the White House and start throwing dishes at the wall, just to get the anger out?

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How out of touch can these people be? "We have places for that." Would that be the place with or without the car elevator?

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If the fright wing brigade is going to accuse the President of being a thug anyway (as McConnell did today over Citizen's United), then maybe the President should just start acting like a thug and punching idiots like this guy in the teeth when they interrupt him.

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I saw this guy doing an interview the other day and I think it is safe to say he is not qualified to be a dog catcher, much less President.

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That child is too cute to have Bristol and Levi as parents.