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Except... Buffy the Vampire Slayer; "Fear, Itself". Anya and the bunny costume! Giles in a sombrero with a chainsaw!

Giles: "Don't taunt the fear demon."
Xander: "Why? Can he hurt me? ?"
Giles: "No, it's just tacky."

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Voldemort might not have found Neville because Snape wouldn't have told him out of an excess of jealousy over Alice Longbottom..

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I think Kotaku and some of the other sites aren't commenting on it because anytime someone does, the writer ends up targeted by the GGers. I follow a tech writer on Consumerist who used to write for Kotaku, and she explicitly said she won't comment on GG because she can't risk her job or the personal disruption that would result.

I bet these other sites would comment, but don't want to put their staff (or advertising income) at risk.

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I have a pair of adorable black Pikolinos ankle boots that were under $100, I think, from The quality is great and they're very comfortable. I like them so much, in fact, that I bought a similar pair of knee-high boots from them.

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oh noes I'm outside the target demographic!

Getting old kinda sucks, ladies. Except for the awesome parts, I mean. And for being alive, also good. But not the part where advertisers and employers and bartenders think I'm invisible. That part's not so great.

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Some of us are turning 50 in (counts on fingers) three months!

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I don't understand why that "prank" isn't sexual assault. It's battery, anyway: he touched her without consent, in an offensive way. Boom. Battery.

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Try The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Patterson (who is really Sarah Monette). It is lovely and soothing and hopeful. It only came out six months ago, and I've already read it twice. Such a great book.

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Every year there's a new edition of Accidents in North American Mountaineering. It's less amusingly worded than this book, but oh, the myriad ways we manage to kill ourselves in the mountains.

Also, my brother spent a summer doing climber rescue in Yosemite. The worst part was apparently doing the accident cleanup afterwards, when they had to go find the... bits... of people on the granite cliffs, and collect them. Sometimes they had to compete with yellow-jackets. Ewwww.