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Jeff did not cut the round out. That was misinformation by the Daily Camera.The Boulder Sheriff's Dept removed the round and then sent it to their lab for analysis. Jeff is a personal friend of mine. Let me clarify another fact for you. Jeff has a license to carry concealed weapons in the state of Colorado, and he has no interest in having the gun club closed down. His concern is that they suspend operations until investigators can determine if in fact the round came from their range. This desire is share by many in Jeff's neighborhood as well.

I know nothing about you except that you have no problem posting uninformed opinions on the web. I do, however, know Jeff very well, and I and acutely aware of his firearms expertise and background. Insinuating that he fabricated this story, or more importantly, that he fired the round himself borders on liable. Mostly, it make you look foolish. If you're so adamant about defaming his character, maybe you should call the Sheriff's Dept for some enlightenment first.

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See what happens when you don't do your research? The sheriff's dept dug the round out of the wall and then took it to the lad for further analysis. I know this because I know all of the parties involved, personally. Another fact that eluded you is that Jeff has a license to carry concealed weapons and is friendly with the gun club's owner. He has no intention of trying to close the range. On the contrary, he shoots there on a fairly regular basis. We have shot there together on numerous occasions. Maybe you should look before you leap, or better yet, keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.


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The trollers are out in force. Patrick and Spindrift, You're going to have to use better chum. Bullets in walls, dug out by Boulder law enforcement officers, don't lie, but then you already know that.

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Boulder is generally known for riding higher on the intelligence curve than most places, yet by most of these inane comments, you'd be hard-pressed to prove it. This comment from Sheriff Pelle should have been your obvious clue that there is a serious problem with your neighborhood gun range: "There's really no reason why a bullet should escape that range if people are shooting into the berms," Pelle said. Really, Mr. Pelle? That analysis should be very comforting to the residents, whose homes sit in this gun range's trajectory.

All that matters here is that a resident of this suburban neighborhood had a deadly, large caliber round fired into his home from the general direction of the local gun range, which clearly isn't set up to insure that errant bullets aren't able to escape its boundaries. The most obvious solution would be for the gun club to build a large structure within which these bullets would be confined. Deadly problem solved.

And with regard to Mr. Boxer's demeanor, how else would you expect a forensics expert to respond to a high caliber round being fired into his home? Would he have seemed less disingenuous if his response were more like a deer in the headlights? As for the Balloon Boy comments, all you need to ask yourself is whether Mr. Boxer owns the rifle that fired the round. Matching them would be a simple procedure.

I can only hope that level heads prevail and that Boulder County officials see fit to take this situation very seriously.