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Rumors are he's expressed a lack of interest in Purdue. He currently makes just under 1.6 million a year Bohn has said he's willing to pay up to 2.5 million throw in a facilities upgrade clause and hope for the best. I think it's a potentially great fit, class act coach with an up-tempo offense that should appeal to Pac-12 recruits, add in a little defensive tutelage under Brian Kelly and reputation for teams with solid academic success and he appears to be the complete package. That said I think Cincy will put up a good fight to hang on to him after losing Mark Dantonio and Brian Kelly, should be interesting.

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Way to rip-off the Pac-12 blog, can't do your own research or write your own words? At least give credit where credit is due.

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I guess 139 yds is squelched compared to 366 and they didn't really need Jenkins to contribute much with Price finding 7 other receivers. This QB had better be able to run, not many targets for him. You have to at least admit the play calling has been dismal and that has been consistent all year. The D is one of the worst EVER in NCAA history (pts surrendered and total yds) a QB maybe helps the stats a bit but not sure you are seeing the bigger picture.

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93Buff I respectfully disagree, yes QB is a glaring problem there has been huge recognition of that on these boards. Dillion seems promising, and Liufau is quietly the 2nd best QB in Washington state behind highly regarded Max Browne (USC). I just don't think we have the necessary resources currently to allow any decent prospect to reach their full potential. I wouldn't say Washington is terrible, they started slow, played sloppy at times, and have been inconsistent throughout the season but their coaches made half time adjustments and they put up 31 in the 2nd half, partly we are that bad but they have talent that would not classify them as terrible.

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Time to clean house, the coaches have proven themselves outclassed across the board and incapable of making any meaningful in game adjustments! I hate to rag on the players because they are the ones putting themselves out their every play but nothing indicates these recruits are better than 3-4 win recruits regardless of staff. There are no week to week improvements by the young guys with "potential" obviously they need better coaching that would help, but I don't see the physical skill sets, football instinct, gamesmanship, leadership, or big play ability necessary to be competitive.

Sad times for Buffs football. The administration needs to show the fan base that they are making efforts to get things headed in the right direction, changes need to be made NOW. For the people that have invested so much into this team they deserve better we are not some arrogant fan base with a sense of entitlement just deserving of reciprocative effort. Do the best you can or don't do it at all, someone needs to step up and a few obviously need to step down.

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If you are referring to #8 on the sidelines that is our punter Mark Brundage, back-up punter I should say.

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Unfortunately for Creer to be granted a medical hardship waiver the injury must occur in the first half of the season. He would meet the participation criteria under 20% of scheduled contests for the season, but being the 9th game of the season he's out of luck. Pretty unfortunate scenario really.

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Looks like Suh isn't an isolated case nothing like taunting players when they are hurt, pathetic.

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add an oregon st loss to cal state sacramento to the list

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Don't think he lost any weight he's in the game at 236, seems like more muscle less gut... maybe. On another note UCLA and Org St are stinkin it up, time for the Buffs to prove all the doubters they can be the legit pac-12 team Buffs fans know they can be. Go Buffs beat the bows, start the season strong! Can't wait to see Speedy do his thing today.