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The alternative economic systems will likely cause more poverty. How to we stop the climate catastrophe? Let me guess, taxes. How is raising taxes going to help people living in flooded basement apartments?
Things just aren't automated yet, UBI might stop this country from releasing greenhouse gasses but the economic and human cost will be very high.

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Your observations on taxes in the USA are on target. However, the poor are tricked into crummy taxation schemes like "Social Security" and others, by those who make the rules. Another factor is, state and local governments relentlessly tacking on more taxes (and inflation) to low income workers.
Capitalism (or economic freedom) is not a contributor of selfishness, in comparison to the force of law. Here's an example: a retired doctor not holding a license, may face imprisonment for helping someone medically, even if he or she is more skilled than licensed doctors. The former shows greed via law, not capitalism.

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The ability to freely trade (capitalism) is not the problem. The trouble is when citizens allow corporate entities to control the enforcement arm of the state. That's when the (fill in the blank) complex gets out of control. The same thing easily happens with state run economies.

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Civil war will fall directly into the elite's modus operandi. They need a lot of us dead.

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The evil of colonialism does not justify the collective authoritarian rule. The dark spot of British rule has lead to a human borg like form of government, it does not need to exist in such a way.

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While I do agree with your comment on punishment of rape. Government incentives remain a big driving factor in low income pregnancy. Getting pregnant becomes a economic choice for the mother, often granting a bigger check, food rations and living space.

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Well guided and concise article. We often overlook the ridiculous narrative and how it's presented, e.g. (left) all must be conscripted into public social programs vs (right) all socialism is pure evil.

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I think the Hong Kong protesters have valid and vital argument. Given the human rights record authoritarian mainland China, silence would just help crush freedom.
While It's important to avoid an active war situation, if I lived in a country such as China or was about to be annexed by China, I would choose death over submission.

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Actually the system has been only moderately good to me. I'm not all that ambitious.
Is that evil Mr. Walton still kidnapping people to man the registers at Walmart? Hopefully we can collectively end private stores like Walmart, eventually giving jobs to all; the wonderful part being no one will benefit from anyone's labor.

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Although money seems to be the current "god" running the dreams and ambitions. Capitalism is not in its self the perpetrator of evil. The idea to trade and innovate for speculative monitory gain is not iniquitous.
In fact, the more nefarious condition is state sponsored prohibition of free interactions between individuals.
I find "socialism places people ahead of capital" humorous in light of the truth being the following, socialism places the collective (and state) over the individual and minority.
Although your concern over modern society's greed regardless of consequence, is well founded; having money as "god" is far less evil than making the government ones own god and personal savior.