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Eh? Isn't this rumour about a demo that could be released on the Wii U? I was referring to a plural "you" meaning Wii U owners in general, who I presume would be the only ones with access to this demo. I didn't mean you specifically haha sorry.

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Hey, I hope you're right and I am worried for nothing.

Though expansions were traditionally developed months after the full game had been released, not announced before the initial game was released.

And MK8 was just a hypothetical obviously, same as SSB4, a postulation using a high profile game of what could possibly come from getting fans comfortable with things like DLC and day one DLC, and transitioning those practices into more popular franchises.

But like I said, hopefully I am a paranoid freak.

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It certainly wouldn't hurt. But if you already own a Wii U and aren't already foaming at the mouth for Mario Kart 8, it's likely you're certifiably insane.

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I don't need a demo to know that Mario Kart 8 will most certainly kick ass and take names. That said, anything that makes May 30th seem to arrive quicker is much appreciated.

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1 package of 16 courses for 40$ is still better than 30$ + 15$ for 16 courses. Which would you rather pay?

Precisely because it is Nintendo is why all this justification is happening here.

DLC is no good... unless Nintendo does it. Then they do it "right".

Day one DLC is no good... unless Nintendo does it. Then they do it "right".

Remember the sentiment that fans were glad Nintendo was "lagging behind the times" concerning paid online and DLC and such? Those consumer friendly qualities are being eroded away before our very eyes and Nintendo fans are all too glad about it.

I'll grant that this particular method is considerably fairer than most other day one DLC (if not all), but pretending that this is in any way a favor to consumers instead of a way to squeeze out some extra profit seems like delusion.

If Mario Kart 8 came out at 50$, but to get all the tracks and characters and karts, you needed to pay an extra 20$, I would hope more people would have a problem with it than this.

Or oh god if to have all the characters and stages in SSB4, they employed a similar 50$ + 15-20$ instead of a simple 60$ full package, would it then become an issue?

Before saying "Well Nintendo would never do that!" consider that people used to say Nintendo would never do day one DLC, and that they were above such practices.

Thank you to everyone who read this whole thing before downvoting me. At least you gave me a chance :)

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I agree. This is content that should already be in the final product removed in order to sell it separately for a larger profit. Didn't Nintendo fans used to champion the Big N for not partaking in business practices like these?

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It seems like Sony really listened to their fans and gave them the precise machine they wanted for a decent price, so good on them. I'm glad to see that a traditional home console can still thrive even while analysts are predicting their demise.

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The real news here is that apparently EA decapitates unsatisfactory employees.

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It depends on what you wanted out of the series.

I bought Mass Effect 1 back in 2008 because I was a huge fan of KOTOR and I loved Bioware's RPGs. And ME1 delivered. Good class development, great writing, lots of planet exploration. It was a great RPG.

Then Mass Effect 2 released and stripped away a lot of the RPG elements, the elements that I enjoyed most from the first game. Claustrophobic character development, no exploration, and the writing was markedly sloppier, though still good. Instead, they focused on presentation and AAA polish. Bioware implemented this "streamlining" in order to capture a wider audience. In that regard, they were successful.

Mass Effect 3 was just another step away from being an RPG toward being a straight 3rd person shooter, with some very disappointing writing to boot.

So for someone who wanted to play an engrossing RPG, it's a disappointment. But if all you wanted to play was a sci-fi 3rd person shooter, then maybe it holds up.