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The Commission's "unremitting hostility" is a direct and foreseeable consequence of Microsoft's unremitting arrogance, petulance, intractability and contempt for the Commission's authority. Microsoft voluntarily and intentionally chose to not prevent this from happening.

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The drooling xenophobes mass in force once again to defend utter racist stupidity, desperately resisting the inevitable change to a future where those whose only accomplishment in life is having been born white will simply have no place in society other than as the permanent underclass of the socially irrelevant and the less evolved.

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Netflix is a great deal right now. Anyone who doesn't think so is a spoiled little Internet brainwashed mindless snot for whom nothing is ever good enough.

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Uh, low income? Mother vacationing in Mexico in her third trimester, utterly unprepared for any pregnancy related emergency? Refused to name her at the time because she hadn't "decided" on a name?

Is this really a case where we completely and utterly suspend any expectation of even a modicum of personal responsibility? Or is it more important for the frothing village idiots here to use this girl as a bludgeon to go after Mexican immigrants to the United States?

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Sounds like pretty good police work picking up the suspect.

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Exactly. The classic contemporary American a-hole sentiment is depressingly prevalent here. They came into the bear's territory; the bear responded accordingly; and they're the victims? W-T-F? They're lucky to be alive; they deserved far worse than what they got.

Ironically, the same pathetic, pious, self-idolizing "you should have had a gun or bear spray" knuckledraggers here are the ones who sit in the window with a shotgun waiting to blast anyone who crosses their property line.

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The USOC is the problem here. Griping about the uniforms is griping about a broken window in a house uprooted and ripped in two by a tornado.

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The people who run the city know that. But their consitutency expects that they can do something about it. So they respond accordingly in order, to quote Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles, "to protect our phoney-baloney jobs."

So long as taxpayers are willing to throw money at pie in the sky "solutions" that draw their appeal from shiny descriptive terms like "high-tech," that's how the people who elect them will respond. We have established by a plurality that we're too provincial, stupid and self-centered to deserve anything better.

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Ooooh! B-QN5, check. A bold move. Good for her.

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Marin was an attorney; he was successful in two very tough businesses; he took risks in life; he was an accomplished mountain climber; he was active in his community; he produced interesting and exciting artwork; he had four grown children of whom he was extremely proud and for whom he provided well while he could.

He packed a lot into his 53 short years of life and made a lot of people happy. That was because he wasn't so angrily and bitterly obsessed about what others had or got in life or whined publicly to begrudge others their success as a projection of their own self-loathing about their own life failure. Marin was too busy living his own life.

As for his death, he's just another victim of Alan Greenspan's murder spree that has ruined families and ended lives across all social and economic strata in this country and in others.