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Education and life coaching is a powerful tool to truly help people accomplish their goals and create more success in life. I don't understand the obsession with being. I mean what is success? It's different for everyone, what one person considers succeeding may be total failure to another. To me success is happiness, I mean you could be the most wealthy person in the world but if you're unhappy I don't consider that successful, in the modern day happiness is the best measure of success. I don't own a business, any medals, I don't have fame or wealth, do I consider myself successful? Hell yeah, I love a productive life, I'm surrounding by people who love me, I am in good health, I'm aware of where my life is heading, that to me is success.

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Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. My mother recently passed and hospice was a life saver.

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One of my favorite habits as a life coach is to wake up early in the morning. By waking up at five instead of six you don't have an extra hour, as you still have to get the same amount of sleep in order to function at the same level. By default you'll lose the hour in the evening. It balances. However, waking up early can make you feel like you have more time, leading to more productivity. Once you've realized there isn't actualized productivity... well, you might as well be going to sleep at five. I think it's what you do with your time that matters most, not when you do it. All businesses have different cycles, adapt to the one that best suits your business/life. If what you do involves being up early then for sure go to sleep early.

Here are 10 good habits:

1) Make a to do list
2) Energise Themselves
3) Make a schedule for the day
4) Wake Up Early
5) Affirmination/Visulisation
6) Greatfulness
7) Bond with someone early on
8) Clean from the night before
9) Silence (meditation)
10) Read about what happened the night before

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As a life coach I find this very interesting. Highlights of last week were collecting free horse manure from a nearby stable and several bags of seaweed off the beach after a storm. I gained great satisfaction from combining the two in my compost bins knowing they will soon be feeding my organically grown vegetables that I eat every day. I love eating my own fresh, hand picked broccoli, kale, coriander, spinach, etc. I'm a semi-retired psychologist and live an income that approximates a pension. Yet I am feeling fulfilled. I live in the now. My gardening keeps me fit and healthy and has a positive side effect of showing the value of an urban permaculture. I give my surplus produce with my neighbours and relatives. Nature can be generous when we work with it and not against it. After all we are nature. We are the earth's living biosphere. I am you. You am I. We are It! Or It is us. This is what I teach as a life coach.

Being only in present and not thinking of the future is a foolish thing to do. The smart thing to do is trying to prolong your life. If we keep doing that, eventually we will not die of old age. We need to think of the future and advance out technology which will eventually enable us to live indefinitely.

It’s all about how you choose to look at life I guess. Maybe we should take the moment...the eternal moment of NOW and as it were (and for want of better words) SAVOUR THE FLAVOUR. Here’s a couple of anonymous quotes that I jotted down a few years ago. “The purpose of life is to live it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear, for newer and richer experience”. Also this one. ” OUR EXPERIENCE OF LIFE IS A MIRROR IMAGE OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT WE HOLD “

all the petty concerns are actually the glue of life that allow families to be formed and last, loyalty to be proven out over time,understanding someone is there no matter what. The petty concerns allow for 20-30 years at the end of your lifespan, to actually escape those concerns and do what you want to do be it nothing or deeply profound. This video is about fear....regret being an attribute of fear. It's dime store shilling of a vapid concept perpetuated by the like's of Tony Robbins one of the greatest life coaches.

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Very nice. I miss her in my life coaching practice because there is no such thing as wasting your life or caring about the wrong things. These are merely opinions. There is no truth to this video, much like anything motivational. The present moment has nothing in it, there is no fulfillment or happiness or anything really. These are just qualities that we project onto it. It simply IS and nothing more or less. It's amazing how much we project onto life to cope with the reality that it simply IS. A void with no meaning beyond what we put in.

I even dispute that the more you live in the present the less you fear death. Because there is always that fear that it will all end, that's why people try to live in the present. Death is scary after all. But even worse is realizing the the meaning and fulfillment that we find in life is just an illusion. A dream world. One cannot be fulfilled without lying to yourself about the nature of reality, that it is empty of all we project onto it.

We all are living a lie if we think our worldly lives are meaningful. If you think we have no soul then you are better off dead to avoid any suffering. If you know we have a soul, then and only then, does life on earth have meaning. This world promotes self before others, the reward for this is death. As you, your lonely self is all that matters. Others before self is outward looking and is the first step toward truth. This is why its important to have a life coach.

I am aware of it since age 10, and try to find a way to live forever. I was unable to do so (with my body and ego) and ended up in deep depression, finally I entered the spiritual path (Buddhism) and found the Truth. With my new understanding, Just be, present moment never die.Even when the body is decaying when we having our last breath our consciousness still there experience all these. It is just an endless movie of life.

My question is not why I am dying or what I live for but rather why everything seem at some point to come to an end, and that creates an infinite loop between everything that is about life and death, humans cant process the concept of infinity unfortunately so what keeps me up at night is my thought of how I as an individual escape the look without averting my eyes from it. Death is not natural and that is why it is violently abhorrent to our psychie. Our bodies will be used up but the Spirit cannot cease to be. The things we can see will cease to be whilst what we can't see will be eternal.

I have already realized that our time is finite and death is inevitable, just as my thought of the self destruction of humanity will come, it is just a matter of time, therefore nothing more than a failure, ultimately. Why all of my drawings only have two sides, the current lie of the present that we live, and the desolate and destroyed reality that we, humanity, dig our own grave to. Why is there no such thing 100% efficiency? Why are there still criminals? Why this and why that. We are nothing more than a blink of an eye, a snap of a finger, and poof, we are gone.

That is a very presumptive thought in this life. And he must be some sort of genius right? Because he makes a living articulating profound words that make us think about our pitiful lives (or inspires us to live in the moment). Yet not a damn thing will change (except the size of his bank account and the women he will deceive). The reality is, that we have far less control, over our lives, than we would like to believe. The person who truly achieves great things and changes the world for the better, will never forget that fact.