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Kind of interesting to me........seems like LOTS of people are out shopping and dining out in central Florida. I don't really see any indication of pain and hardship? I'm not trying to be funny by saying's just what i see.

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Restraining order? Perhaps he will find Osama!!

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Mr. Madoff did a dishonest thing but how many are still out there doing the same thing. Get 'em all.! Might need to send Hulkster after them! GREED is alive and rampant in America.

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Bridges of Madison County

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What did Greta say she once got on an Algebra test????Now we know why she is a lawyer and NOT an engineer. LOL.
i think it might be wise to replace Tim Geithner........ he could resign. I think this job is too much for the man.

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Time for a NEW POLITICAL PARTY in America.
The Party of The People!
Both the Democrats and Republicans show little integrity and credibility!
Is it possible to RAISE UP A NEW PARTY???

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i think Christ willreturn before God will allow us to get so "Smart" is our eyes.

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perhaps the two teens decided they did NOT want to be married. happens all the time. why is it anyone's business to know the details. just shows how bored American must be.

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What would the story say.......they broke up. Not so surprising. Many young couples who have children never marry. Perhaps they did think they would marry and both changed their minds. That's not so unusual in this day and age.