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I've always loved the old Victorian dolls which seem to be the first go-to for haunted dolls. But enough TV (thanks, X-Files) has convinced me that dolls can be super creepy. It is always when they have abilities that they shouldn't (talking, moving), not their existence, so I do fully buy into the uncanny valley argument. Although I do find dolls moving on their own without the audience noticing far creepier than dolls walking across the room trying to murder their owners.

Of the stories that include haunted dolls, I found Duma Key by Stephen King the creepiest. But I found the anime Ghost Hunt did it the best.

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:D Thanks. I was so proud of myself, I can't even lie. :)

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It really would. I know Mark Plays is on a very, very long hiatus, but I think if he ever starts back up, that would be the game to push for.

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I'm so glad you did this show. I love it to pieces, and watching you go through all the cliffhangers has been so fun.

I have a story! I was at an anime-con a few years back and went to a panel where you put characters on trial. It has to be an actual charge, no "too whiny to live" or anything like that. They usually have staff members act as lawyers, but due to a snafu, had to take volunteers from the audience. I volunteered right quick.

I got placed on defense for Father. The charges were treason toward Amestris and genocide. I got him off on treason, saying that as his existence pre-dated that of Amestris and he never took vows of loyalty to Amestris, it was impossible to commit treason. They tried to switch it to Xerxes, but I objected, saying that they should have introduced that charge at the start of the trial. I also argued that he was innocent of genocide toward Amestris as a whole, as he attempted it but failed. I lost, but I think no one could have defended him better.

Also, I was channeling Edgeworth the entire time. (Ace Attorney, for those who do not know. I highly recommend.)

I've been waiting the whole series to tell that story, because so many spoilers. I'm so glad you loved the show as much as I did. And fellow fans, I love you all too.

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"Case in point: Oree’s comments about Madding’s touching being 'too intimate, triggering memories more painful than the light had been.'"

No, you are not the only one. It's part of the reason that I stopped talking to a couple of exes, although a larger part was how each of them was treating me at the time. But that flash of memory, trying to fall into old roles, you're are not the only one.

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Reasons why I love Olivier Mila Armstrong:

1) Every fucking thing about her.


Also, if there are people who don't like her, then I don't really care to know you. I mean, I'm sure you're lovely people and all, but she is my queen. I love all the characters of FMA:B (more or less), but she is my queen. I've honestly not heard much against her in the fandom? But maybe I've just never seen it.

Not arguing about the colorblindness=racist thing. I personally think that it may not be a failing of the writers as much as it is a failing of Edward? Because not two minutes later, there's Major General Armstrong, queen of my heart, saying that she needs Miles because he has a difference experience and view on the country. She sees race and she sees it as intrinsically valuable because she knows that her own viewpoint is limited, and that she needs a full understanding of everything and everyone in the nation to protect Amestris and her people to the utmost and to further her own ambitions.

Therefore, I choose to believe that Edward is simply being a bit childish still in his colorblind statement. I can't remember what the sub was for this section, so I can't tell if it's a translation issue or part of the original words. I think it's pretty accurately translated.

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Team Mustang. *fistbump*

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I just reread it for the third time today, in honor of Mark's reading. I keep finding new details or new phrases to lose myself in.

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UNUNUNUN. V jngpurq gung jvgu zl uhfonaq, naq ur jnf nyy "V yvxr guvf fubj! Guvf vf njrfbzr! Jr fubhyq ohl guvf!" naq V jnf nyy "Whfg jnvg hagvy gur raq ubarl." ng gur raq: "Jung GUR FUVG JNF GUNG? ARIREZVAQ!"

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My theory was completely wrong, and this is way cooler!

My theory was that the fog would use up, say, 12 feet of space at the edge of the ring. That more and more fog would roll out, using up livable space over time until everyone was forced to be in the water in the middle. Assuming anyone was still alive.