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I was also in Chicago over the weekend - had taken Amtrak from Denver. (Take that airlines!) I was there for a massive blogging convention, BlogHer, so if you noticed an extra amount of opinionated women walking around Chicago, that might explain it.

Also, to your point, there was more entrepreneurial spirit in this year's conversations - tons of new business ideas floating around amidst all the economic rubble. Ironically, the sponsors were noticeably bigger (Wal-Mart, Pepsico, H-P, McDonald's, etc.) and completely showered us with free products. Seems they've finally woken up to blogger power. I remember when the expo hall was just a few card tables and this year, it started to feel like CES - but with more cupcakes.

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What I love about this story is it's simplicity. So adult! So NFL! All participants should be commended ... or at least taken out for ice cream.