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Hi Barb,

Welcome to the world of OER. Pros and cons of OER depend a bit on who is asking as there are both for different constituent groups; educators, institutional administration and educational policy makers. From an educators perspective, a good place to start your research on OER would be the OER Handbook for for Educators A nice bullet point summary of some of the advantages of OER can be found at For me the 2 biggest are that they lower the cost to student and the flexibility to faculty in that they can customize the learning resources because they are openly licensed.

As for challenges, for educators there are a few. Findability is one. Where & how to find good resources is always a challenge. And there are barriers with modifying the content once you find it. These are often technical, but with a little support from a knowledgeable technical people, not insurmountable. Sustainability is also a worry that we hear - how will these resources be maintained (open licenses are key here, I think).

That is not, by all means exhaustive. The Commonwealth of Learning has a report on the benefits & challenges that you might find useful for more research (pdf link)

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That is very interesting. So, the ads on the site are _completely_ new. Hmmmm, I wonder if this is somehow connected to the lawsuit that recently got settled? You may be right. Could it be a sign that they are withdrawing completely from the field and might be looking to snag some cash on the way out?

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I can\'t get rid of the gravatar completely, but I swapped out the default for something not quite as cartoony. Hope that is ok.

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I just went back to the native WP comments after using Intense Debate for a long time. Are you not able to go back and edit comments after you post?

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Yeah, it\'ll be a different experience going back to ad\'s and I imagine I\'ll come to a happy balance with when to turn it on and when to turn it off. But the risk is not knowing.

There are known unknowns

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Looks like ad block uses both - blocking http requests and hiding using CSS I wonder if the CSS just hides if it still registers with Google as an impression? That\'s a good question.

Morality, schmorality. Really just trying to future proof against the griefers :)

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Would no doubt preserve my sanity, Challenge is knowing when something is being hidden from me. In this case, I didn\'t event think to turn off ad blocking until someone brought it to my attention.

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That is great to hear. I know we have had interest from others in the province for a Research Methods book, so I am sure that there would be others who might want to help or (at the very least) also use the textbook. Thanks again for making my week, although my office coworkers were forced to see me do the Lebowski dance and that ain't a pretty thing to see IRL :).

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A comment from you is all the reward I need :)

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Email away! Love to hear about your experiences with the booksprint. Like I said in the post, I am so happy that you recognized early that your experience could be valuable to others looking to do the same and committed to putting the cookbook together. Looking forward to seeing it.