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How can the liberals defend envy?

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Krugam does not even deserve being called excrement.

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LOL It is amazing how quickly the Tea Party has had an effect on the economy. Consider that the Liberals have had no effect whatsoever over the last three years but the Tea Party has caused the recession since last November. Liberalism is truly non-rational.

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I am a real scientist and I can tell you unequivocally that AGW is nothing more than a money scam. First 90% of scientists agree? That's a laugh. First and foremost the energy balance that the computer models used up until recently (see NASA study) were never able to close the energy balance for the earth. So what these supposed scientists working on the models did was to allow the ambient temperature to go up to account for the missing energy. It tuns out that the NASA study determined the long wave radiation (infrared portion that CO2 emits after absorbing energy) is being reflected out into space at a much higher rate than the models predicted. NASA closed the energy balance and disproved the AGW theory. You cannot get around the laws of thermodynamics. Unfortunately, there are way to many dimwits in society that will believe pretty much anything people spew if it jibes with their political ends rather than look at the data objectively. You see there are people who "want" to believe in global warming to force others to pay for things that are unnecessary in order to enrich themselves. In addition, Mr Gore does not want to have a debate and subjectively go through the data with those who do not share his conclusions. Why not? I mean if he can prove it he should be willing to do so anytime. That is science. It's a sad world when someone equates racism with healthy debate. One more thing the scientific method is all about skepticism if it were not we would still be living in the Dark Ages. It was through this process that brought about the enlightenment. It seems as though we have too many throwbacks to the dark ages today.

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Boehlert? What are you doing in here? Is that comment the well thought out intellectual debate that you have at MMFA? Senior Fellow at Media Matters and you're comments could have been written by a 5th grade student. Pretty pathetic. LOL I am very encouraged by the adolescent mindset. Whats next? " Can you imagine being in a car with his cronies listening to "Are we there yet, Are we there yet, every five minutes" Not to worry boy will get you some comic books to keep you occupied while the adults take care of the serious matters. LOL what a immature leftist loon.

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I am no Sharon Angle.

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I would love to meet Harry Reid in a dark alley.

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I sent this to the Barbara Bush Foundation I have attached the email address there for anyone else who cares to do the same.
Kiev Richardson, Program Officer
(202) 955-6183

By email:

Please convey to Mrs Bush that her cheap shot on Sarah Palin smacks of smug elitism and as far as I am concerned her family is dead to me. I will be notifying the Tea Party not to buy or support her son's book as well. Any Bush running for office from now on will have my firm commitment to see them go down in defeat. Her son goes out of his way not to disparage the President and this women has the gall to attack Sarah Palin? No Class at all. What gall! I am glad she showed the true colors of her family we will not forget.

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Leibowitz is just upset that regular Americans reject his effed up idea of socialist hell. He hides behind the facade of a comedian when he shill's foe the liberal agenda. He is a middle aged moron. Why the children who watch his show is a complete mystery to me, He is so not cool!