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I tried it just yesterday. $13 gives you the movie, and 6 extra videos to stream and download in HD. Surprisingly, their steam player supports chromecast :)

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I guess there was a reason why he didn't want a fansite to be posting about it. It isn't finished, and he probably didn't want to be disheartened by negative reviews. He was just looking for people to play and report bugs.

We're in the same boat Bhalspawn. My game had a ton of bugs that one developer could easily overlook, but luckily we have an internet full of people that can play the game and find flaws we're not even aware of.

Guys, we should be supporting Bhalspawn like a friend in need. I mean, I would call a game developer with pony intent a friend as he is one of our fellow Bronies. Lets just tell him what the game needs to improve and what he needs to fix. No more calling it bad, or broken, or "you'll probably be much better off playing Super Lesbian Horse RPG or Curse of the Lost Kingdom unless Bhaal manages to pull off some kind of miracle.".

This is a guy with a vision, and he's trying to make it come true, so lets help him make it come true. That's all I'm saying.

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Well since I don't play the game anymore, I don't know if this will work anymore, but it's worth a try. Look up GameCIH. It targets the values in-game so you can find them and change them. This is what I used to hack the game.

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"hopefully you have saved up!" Who needs saving when you've got hacking? Plus I doubt very many people play it anymore. It was fun at first, but then it became too repetitive. Not only that, but it lost me when I found out you can't really beat the game unless you spend a bunch of money on it.

The game needs more mini-games. Not just playing ball, catching apples, and flying around only when someone levels up. What if there was a mini-game for making bits. Like a cherry stand could have a mini-game that earns bits. To me, that would be a whole lot better than just waiting around being tempted to buy gems to make it go faster.

I just can't shake the feeling that the developers behind this game were more set on the money to be made instead of the fun we receive.

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I'm gonna have to draw something for both me and Faust, we have the same birthdays! :3

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Ah yes, that bug. I'm fixing that. First, reset the game so it doesn't have you set to Cloudsdale. Then you can reset your data.

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I bet every pony that trots by is a ponified Google staff member! :D

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Well I'm sure we're gonna get some crazy revelations in season 4. The theory seems legit though. As for Applejack's parents, I think Hasbro is only going to mention them subtly. In Apple Family Reunion, they're mentioned in the form of a couple shooting stars, possibly indicating that they're dead. I don't think Hasbro is going to go into depth with a dark story like that, since this is a show for kids and all. Then again, the stars could indicate that Applejack's parents are out there...somewhere. That may be a story more appropriate to add. Luna and Celestia's parents? Bring em' on! We would finally get to see Equestria's queen! I think they'll be introduced to Twilicorn. Probably during the premiere, where all the epicness is stored (Sometimes too much epicness).

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No problem. The picture is now on my deviantArt if you want a full 1080p image.

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Hey Kyo, I got a surprise for you!