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"a 'my way or the highway' is as offensive when peddled by men like Shafran of Agudah whose writing here I'm just as likely to call out for its own hypocrisy.

Yes, I'm sure you're just as critical of the Agudah as you are of liberal Jews.

I don't believe you aren't frum. Every comment you have posted here over the years belies that statement.

You despise everything this journal has stood for since its inception - i.e., liberalism, both theological and political - yet here you are. You and your cohorts seem to live for nothing more than to excoriate liberals.

I despise conservatism, both political and theological, but I don't hang out on frum, evangelical or neoconservative blogs. I am not a troll. In fact, I've almost completely stopped coming here because of you people. I think allowing you and your ilk to commandeer the comment threads on this website is one of the biggest mistakes Jane Eisner has made since she took over. It is a betrayal of everything for which the Forward has stood since the days of Abe Cahan.

As far as this is concerned: "just have this affinity for truth" - it would be laughable if it weren't so offensive. You wouldn't recognize truth - or reality, for that matter - if it walked up to you and introduced itself.

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Every comment you post in these threads is of a kind. I don't know wny you frummies cluster here. You despise everything the Forward has represented for generations.

I admire Rabbi Waskow enormously, and have nothing but contempt for your kind. If that causes me to lose my "chelek" in "olam haba", so be it. At the very least, it will give you a great deal of pleasure.

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Philosemitic evangelical, I presume?

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As is invariably the case with frum people, you confuse quantity with quality.

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There is no animus in Josh's story, but if there were, in would pale by comparison to your condescension.

Kapparot is a form of superstition that crept into Judaism from outside sources. The Rambam and Joseph Caro were vigorously opposed to it. Even if that were not the case, it is insane to allow a chicken into a ward full of newborns with underdeveloped immune systems. The hospital should be investigated for allowing it.

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I see the Forward's comment threads still have their amen chorus of disgruntled Haredim, envious of those who've had the courage to leave.

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Ordinarily, I wouldn't respond to a three year-old comment, but I couldn't allow this one to go by. Congratulations; this is one of the stupidest set of remarks I have encountered - and I've come across some beauties.

If there were a "heavy fine and jail time" for imbecility, you'd be a lifer.

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As I said to you in the other comment thread, you've mistaken me for someone else.

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Thank you, Arthur, for being a voice of reason in a sea of right wing reactionism (the latter phrase being a description of the Forward's comment threads these past few years).

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Josh, you have the most fascinating ancestors.