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My husband and I are unable to go to Wash. DC due to family illness. I know there are others who are unable and I'm not talking about taking a couple of days off from work or just too lazy, but whatever your reason we can still do some major "raisin' Cain" at home. We have computers and we have phones and some of you have access to fax machines,etc. We can phone, email, fax, and anthing anyone else can think of to bring those nuts down at an assigned date since most of them may be home July 4. Tons of snail mail weeks ahead of our planned 'attack' along with short calls to interrupt the snail mail work might be a help. dsame, Now Is the Time is Right! OHB and secret service we don't want any violence at all!! Have a nice day.

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You're right that should be us. Conservatives still don't see the end of their liberty. We have to be hit over the head before we get in the streets. Mark, we may be the last to rise up, but I can tell you when the fighting starts Texans will be there. I hope it doesn't go that far yet I believe it will.

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On Hannity: It has been found that politicians and serial killers have many of the same personality traits. Anyone surprised???

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Our health care is being decided by blackmail. Ben Nelson is hiding in his foxhole and not alone.Daily Kos is passing out our almost worthless dollar bills.Check out Weekly Standard Blog's June 11 article "Lining Up Against a 'Public'/Gov't Option in Health Care". It makes me sick!! We need to do something drastic. For too long we took our chances. People, they are SELLING our nation! There will be no opting out like Australia. I see our Lord knocking over the money changers' tables in the Temple. We have to stop this!! Just in case- God Bless Texas. BHO will never get Texas.

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Goo and Cajunpatriot have hit the nail on the head. The person who shot the despicable doctor, the Muslim who killed Long, and this man who shot the guard are just plain mentally disturbed. They and they alone are to blame. Not you ,not me, not Rush,not guns. But we will all be blamed. Hide your guns!!

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We need to call everyone we can in Congress and anyone else in or out of the gov't. Next we need to do more than just tea parties. Tea parties were a great start. We need leaders. We need to make the MSNBC's pay attention. I wish I was a leader, but I'm just a political junkie. I can certainly follow the right leaders though.

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You are right -it isn't laughable. Our Constitution is being shredded just as Glenn said it would be. Speaking of Secret Police, be very careful. I tried to check up on TX Rep. Lamar Smith (R) and his Media Fairness Caucus earlier this evening only to find out Yahoo had wiped out long time Rep. Smith and the Fairness Caucus was replaced with a web site that was very leftist-Huffington article was front with other anti- Fox junk. My husband is as conservative as I am. I want to cry when I see the Constitution stepped on . Without the Constitution, I'm just a Texan who will fight to the death for my home TEXAS. I have to believe "God is in control."

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Not funny, makes me want to cry!
Everyone of those lying, cheating,lazy Congressmen and Congresswomen should be given a copy . The sorriest thing is they would never read it.

Well done, wildthing!!

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Does anyone remember the movie "Red Dawn"? It seems entirely too real now.

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You couldn't have said it better. I am proud of all Marines. My son is a Marine.