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My prayers for Andrew's family in this time of grief. His star brightly burned.

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Charles, I have another exception for you.

In 1876, the Republican National Convention deadlocked for six ballots, eventually choosing three-time Ohio governor and Civil War hero Rutherford B. Hayes on the seventh ballot over initial favorite, James G. Blaine of Maine. The convention then added New York Congressman William A. Wheeler as the Vice Presidential nominee.

Hayes and Wheeler would go on to beat Democratic nominee Samuel J. Tilden, the Governor of New York -- barely. Tilden won the popular vote but the Electoral College was disputed. Hayes eventually won in a contest that made the 2000 election look orderly in comparison.

I know a bit about this race as my family claims William A. Wheeler as a relative (said to be my great-great-great-uncle).

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Regarding the photo caption, it may be mislabeled. U.S. forces didn't see much action in the vicinity of the Moselle River, and certainly not in 1917. Most fighting occurred to the west and in 1918.

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Very funny. I asked the editors to correct the typo just after submitting it. But, they're very busy.

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Not being a surfer, tossing a Frisbee was what I did at the beach -- another reason I'm glad I moved to Texas.

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No, it wasn't. You have the wrong school, the wrong year, and the wrong person. The incident to which I was referring was in 2004 and is detailed here:

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I have no idea, none whatsoever. I had never met the man before his early death and had only heard of him once or twice before that.

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Another sad story from my alma mater, Claremont McKenna College -- and from the same college president, Pamela Gann, who stood down classes for mandatory sensitivity training after a visiting professor of psychology claimed her car was vandalized with anti-woman graffiti (it was later proven she vandalized her own car and she was convicted of insurance fraud) -- meanwhile, Gann refused to stand down classes after 9/11 in commemoration of the dead from the attack. It was then that Gann came to my attention and got on my bad list, and she's gone down hill ever since.

Thanks for the great reporting, Charles! I'm honored to have spoken to your College Republican Club back in the day.

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Glad you picked up on this Nile, I think we've been the only two to do so. I tweeted about it earlier today:

TelePrompter #Fail - #Obama refers to "English Embassy" trashed in Iran. Has there EVER been an "English Embassy"? Ever?

Re: #Obama's "English Embassy" gaff, doubt media will report - too busy gothcha-ing on Republican candidates #RS #tcot

And finally:
Re: #Obama's "English Embassy" gaff, don't tell the Scots that the English have an embassy in Iran, they'll want 1 too. #rs

Given that the first diplomatic missions were temporary and lacked a permanent home, an "embassy" or more formally, a "chancery," I wonder if England, ever had an "embassy"? "England" ceased to exist for diplomatic purposes in 1707 after the union with Scotland.

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Roger, here's the issue: Cain is running for President, as such, he'll likely have to deal with Pelosi, the Democrat leader in the House. Ad hominems, no matter how well deserved, such as Schwarzenegger calling the California Legislature "girly-men" are non-productive in that the attack does not deal with an issue, such as taxes, or ideology, but personalities. The Legislature schooled Schwarzenegger and got its revenge on him in the end.

As for moderate Republicans -- the problem isn't their willingness to name call (although, ironically, I think they do it more than conservatives as they don't have strong political beliefs) -- rather, the problem is their willingness to compromise with the Left for the sake of cutting a deal.