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Agreed !! Thanks for sharing Trish.
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Congrats Kevin, keep up the good work!!

Thursday at 8:00 EST

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When someone has really hurt you bad it takes a lot to forgive. The forgive part is for you, so God can take away the pain. If we don't forgive, there's little hope for restoration as the pain and anger will continue to destroy what we're trying to restore.

Great post Trish, looking forward to the next part!!
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Hi Kevin :)

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My Love Link: The Forgiveness Prayer, shares a thoughtful prayer that one would say to help heal from the pain when someone hurts you. Remember, forgiving is for YOU and doesn’t have anything to do with the person who offended you.
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Absolutely!! We grow into who God wants us to be through the journey, and the experiences are invaluable to the development of our character. Great post Kevin!!

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I think it is so often the fairy tale ending that we adore. Excellent post!!!
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Wow, really happy for you and excited about what God has in store!!

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Just started experimenting with this and appreciate the great advice Michael.

One thought... I'm thinking that I'll use some of my most popular past material on days/weeks where I'm tied up with other commitments or on vacation

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Absolutely! The opportunity to expand your network is wide open to anyone, and it's all about giving and sharing. These are the folks that shine. Since I started writing a blog I can run across friends on the street and they give me the biggest smiles, something that I've written touched them in a special way. It positively broadens the depth and length of ones reach and ability.

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I'm so very sorry to hear this sad story, brought a tear to my eye. Will be praying!!